dressed up like a lady: Ode to Jane Hargrave

May 13, 2013

Ode to Jane Hargrave

One of my favorite glamour models is Jane Hargrave, an English beauty who appeared in Penthouse and Italian Playboy in the 1970's, and went on to become a wonderful abstract artist. MC, this blog's steadfast photographer and art director, seems to think I bare some kind of resemblance to Ms. Hargrave, so we engineered this little tribute shoot. I didn't have her AMAZING giant, golden eagle belt buckle, but I'll happily take MC on the other end of a lens, rather than Bob Guccione. 

 Blouse: Vintage
Boots: Vintage via the Getup
Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: Gift from Alessandra

 collars ltd


  1. Seriously?? Those legs should be illegal, the rest of us are dangerously envious of them. ;)

    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. I love the one with MC's foot! You guys are the coolest :)

  3. you look better than a model!loved your poses!

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  4. I must say, I'm really pleased with how these turned out. Say what you will about Bob Guccione, he really knew how to take a beautiful photograph of a woman that was both sexy and powerful! Something I always hope to achieve in my photographs of Cammila. Jane Hargrave is one of my favorite models to ever appear in Penthouse. She was also one of the few Penthouse models to appear in Guccione's infamous 1979 film Caligula -- one of the most ambitious and redonkulous productions ever attempted! Setting aside some of the more prurient aspects of Hargrave's modeling career, there was something very refined, knowing and exuberant about her that you don't always associate with pornography. Well, you might not associate it, but I DO! But that's a greater discussion of the awesomeness, fun and sexual positivity of '70s/'80s glamour photography that we can have in another post. Ultimately, as much as I adore Ms. Hargrave, just as I look through my lens, when I look at her pics, all I see is Cammila.

  5. You look great! So confident!

  6. This look is so sexy and chic! MC is a good photographer.

  7. those lace up boots are so adorable ... great shots!

  8. MC has a great eye. This look on you is the bomb-diggity-delish.


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