dressed up like a lady: the sharing continues...

May 17, 2013

the sharing continues...

 Flares: VS
Boots: Park Lane via Asos
Bag: Thrifted
Hannah Middle School Dance-a-thon tee: MC's

My middle school didn't have dance-a-thons, but MC's did, and I would give my right boob to have been there slow dancing with him to "Lady in Red" by Chris De Burgh  (at the age of...five?) but at least I can wear his t-shirt. And entertain ridiculous fantasies (in which I am magically not five).  
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  1. My school had a dance a thon every year, but it was really just a dance where we were overly encouraged to actually dance. We didn't get sexy shirts tho.

  2. Love how you styled this with the big belt and long necklace. I have a huge t shirt collection and am always trying to figure out how to make them look dressier or artsier or just more put-together.

    That sounds like an awesome school. :)

  3. crazy-cool hot rocker look.

  4. Love it! The look, the pics...Love everything! xx

  5. I don't recall any dance-a-thons at my middle school (which, newly built - the first ever in my town at the time - I only went to for grade eight), but there were a couple of MuchMusic video dances (MuchMusic being the Canadian version of MTV) that weren't too bad, though I would have prefered a good old-fashioned sock hop anyday! :)

    ♥ Jessica


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