dressed up like a lady: Warm weather, wrinkled skirt.

May 7, 2013

Warm weather, wrinkled skirt.

Random midi skirt: Thrifted
Little brown socks: Sockdeams
Raspberry platform maryjanes: Asos
Tank and sunnies: Target

A little while back, during the cold months that have been upon us until like 10 minutes ago, Stephanie from Vivid Voltage mentioned how our photos are often so blown out that the sky looks white -- but I had to point out that during the winter in Michigan, the sky is white. The girl hails from Texas, they don't have Great Lakes Region overcast down there.

Anyway, the sun is out and I'm pale as fuuuuuuu. I also forgot to iron this skirt.


  1. I have recently, on several occasions, edited out wrinkles on my clothes in my photos. How effing lazy am I about ironing?

    A personal question if you don't mind... Do you go braless at work? I'm curious because I always feels so self conscious when my nipples show through my clothes, that I don't think I would be confident enough to even do it outside of work. It is ridiculous, really, because everyone has nipples, so society shouldn't make such a big deal out of it.

    1. Totally reasonable question! My office is way overly air conditioned, so I am always wearing a cardi or jacket over my top half anyway, mostly eliminating any lingering questions of "appropriateness" in my obviously dress-code free workplace. But I fully understand the self consciousness -- for whatever reason, nippley outifts haven't been very popular in recent years, making it feel potentially strange and unknown (and over exposed!). Plus, I'm not very self conscious in general. I'm more likely to face challenges reigning myself in. ;)

  2. I love the the green and purple together!

  3. Amazing look, darling!
    Love the shoes and the pink lipstick!


  4. Is this the first time I am seeing you without a jacket/ blazer/pullover and the like? Are summers finally arriving in your part of the world?

    You look lovely though always. Three things speak to me the most, the heart shaped sunglasses and so-not-OTT they look on you, the skirt looks gorgeous even without being ironed and your socks and Mary Janes combo :)

  5. OMGZ! Is this my 15 minutes of fame Warhol warned me of? ;) Thanks for the shout out hot stuff!

    You handle the abrupt warm weather MUCH better than I do! We had a similar spring awakening in B-town today, I paniked though and ended up in leggings, open weave sweater and field jacket because I was afraid it was another one of those sunny-but-cold days and our office is incredibly cold AND I was biking into the office. Strange enough, I had a very similar outfit planned for my first spring day, hopefully Ill get another chance soon to show it off!

    Glad you got to see some blue skies and show off that babely bod!


  6. Those shoes!! I adore them. I also love those sunglasses! I am fairly blind without my glasses so I can never own anything other than a pair of prescription pair of sunglasses. (contacts dry out my eyes like nothing else and I think I look super odd without my glasses)so I am always jealous of the adorable pair of sunglasses out there that I will never own. You look fab as always, enjoy that sun!

  7. The lips and love glasses close up is stunning! I would hang this photo in my dressing room.


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