dressed up like a lady: Birthday Party Highlights

Jun 6, 2013

Birthday Party Highlights

Here are some highlights from Gbear's sixth birthday, which was a ton of fun. I edited them down from the zillion photos we put over on our little family blog, since I think most folks just wanted to see cute kids, Gbear dressed as Supergirl, her new doll house, and a non-Instagram shot of my Captain Marvel costume. :) 

Proceedings began with snacks and party favors:

Yes, some of these decorations are left over from our wedding. 

I had assistance from no less than three different helpers squeezing lemons for my trademark stevia-sweetened strawberry lemonade!

 The daddy of the house evinces Aquaman, with his orange tee shirt and green shorts (and of course, movie star good looks!) 


Okay so, for anybody interested in a slightly clearer picture of my Captain Marvel (aka, Carol Danvers) costume than I posted before, here you go:

MC bought this tee for me from Red Bubble as a surprise, and it generally inspired the whole idea. The pants are just jeggings, the boots were $24 on Etsy, and the sash is the skirt cut off from a dress that didn't fit Gbear anymore.

My beautiful girl. Superhuman every day, costume or no.

After cake, the party needed MORE CHAOS so we broke out the puffy paint and decorated superhero capes.

It was well past the supposed end point of 4 pm when the kids rediscovered the water guns that they'd so thoroughly soaked each other with last year.

Last but not least, after most friends had gone home and my sensitive little Gbear was in less danger of getting majorly overstimulated (I totally relate), we revealed her big present...

Daddy and I made her a dollhouse!

The first thing Gretje said when we entered the living room was "It's our house!

We'd hoped to find an American Foursquare dollhouse kit, but no luck. However, with a few of our own modifications, this Font-Opening Vermont Farmhouse from Real Good Toys looks pretty darn close. The pieces for the kit come pre-cut, so while making one of these dollhouses does take some handiness and knowledge about physics and woodworking, it does not require a jig saw -- which you would need if you were constructing it from a pattern. Additionally, we could not have made this beautiful house without my sis in law Alessandra, who basically assembled the entire frame! Thanks, Alessandra. You're the best sister (and Aunt!) ever.

After all the time it took to super glue shingles, drill teeny, tiny pilot holes for teeny tiny screws, and assemble porch posts and window frames using binder clips as clamps, it made my heart explode seeing Gretje truly adore her Blythe dolls' new home. She and her cousin Maddie dove right in!

We got her started with just a little bit of furniture, with many years ahead of painting and wallpapering, and picking out new pieces over time. After all, so much of the fun of playing with dolls is fashioning their beds and other household objects out of other toys, like blocks. Which of course, Gbear immediately started doing. :)

Gretje is usually too smart for her own good when it comes to fun, and always goes to bed after a big event like this saying "I'm sad, I wish it was my birthday tomorrow." But not this time! Gretje was totally in the moment. When we put her to bed after this party, she was completely blissed out, and all she had to say on the topic was "This was the best day ever."


  1. This is all so incredible! I love the theme, and that doll house is outstanding.


  2. Oh my goodness-- that dollhouse is unbelievable! I would have totally lost my mind if I'd been given such a glorious gift as a kid. Hey, I'd love one now!! Great party, adorable family.

  3. I already looked at the full set on your family blog! You love and understand G but honestly I think you have a magical ability with all children. :)

  4. WOW! That is a bday party to remember and the doll house (!!!) is going to be a family treasure for looonnngggg time! Stuff like that, the playing the imagination and the teaching, makes me want kids (shhhh dont tell my mom).

    I am also in awe of your bravery, allowing so many kids loose in your home with puff paint? GIRL, you must be patient!



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