dressed up like a lady: Boiled alive

Jun 11, 2013

Boiled alive

Holy cow, it was way too hot for this outfit. 

French terry crop top: VS
Stovepipe jeans: PRPS
Bag: Vintage via local antique store
Sunnies: thrifted

And I didn't wear a cami underneath to strip down to in the brutal humidity. Hoist by my own petard!

Thanks for all the kind words on my What I Eat post last week. I'll get to work answering your questions and working on the next post. :)


  1. you look great, i love this look!


  2. I'm glad that the Midwest finally realized that it is summer!

  3. Technically, you are too hot for most outfits, but there it is. ;)

  4. Your abs are my favorite accessory. May I borrow them? ;)


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