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Jun 19, 2013

My Beautiful Bastard

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that feels uncannily reminiscent of something you've seen in multiple movies or read in many books?
Cammila and I being movie and literature geeks are possibly more obsessed with noting common themes like this than most people. We've spent MANY hours clicking around TV Tropes, finding just the right page for the given situation in art or in life that we seem to be encountering, and it's really fun.

And since we're talking about it, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you all that however smart, incisive, energetic, and indomitable Cammila seems on this blog, make no mistake, she is a million times more so in life. She absolutely is the Magnificent Bastard. She is the real life person this trope is based on. She has an IQ of 156 and she looks like a Victoria's Secret model, she's funnier than most professional comedians and she honestly feels love and compassion for everybody.

She is cunning, magnetic, genuinely as confident as she seems, and God help you if she says This Means War, because she is able to be calculating and brutal without flinching. That's because she knows herself enough to trust when it's necessary, and she thinks fast enough to act before you know what hit you.

She's so observant, she knows you too. We were watching Sherlock (Ermagherd) the other day and I thought "This is what Cammila is like, except emotionally healthy and well loved." Cammila is always thinking ten steps ahead. She could wake up tomorrow and be a fighter pilot or a brain surgeon and her hands wouldn't shake --  because her hands never shake. She is the least afraid of anything out of anybody I've ever known. She is planning a Batman Gambit as we speak. Cammila IS the Magnificent Bastard.

And being with her has made me one too. Or at least her hypercompetent badass Watson.


  1. This post is soooo awesome. I love that you and Cammila use so many fun creative words. And I love that you appreciate how strong your lady is!!!

  2. You know I LOVE this game!!! But I can't take credit for your awesomeness, baby. You're the Warrior Poet between us -- that's your identity, right down to your core. I'm just a Blood Knight by comparison.

    Speaking more topically....you only take your gloves off and enact a Batman Grabs Gun when you have to. That's why we're the perfect team. After all, the best part of engineering a Batman Gambit is the payoff. Which, when you do it right, is really just letting inevitable outcomes manifest. ;)

    Seriously though: I don't think anything on the internet could make me feel this delighted, flattered, and appreciated. I endeavor to deserve your descriptions of me, baby. Always.

  3. Baby, you will always be the Girl of My Dreams who keeps me strong with your gorgeous Care Bear Stare. As the moral goes, "Never mess with a humanoid bear with a laser cannon in its chest." Unless, of course, she's love of your life.

  4. awe so sweet! You are amazing!



  5. I love people who love each other <3 you guys are dope!

  6. You two are adorable couple ^^

  7. AWWWWW this is so amazing! And I can feel her energy, humor and compassion through the blog! And you certainly do have yourself a HOTT woman, Victoria Secret model indeed! :)


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