dressed up like a lady: Our Wedding: The DiY Details, Part 2

Jun 20, 2013

Our Wedding: The DiY Details, Part 2

Here's the second and final installment in my rundown of the Do-it-Yourself stuff that made our wedding awesomer and cheaper. Read Part 1 here.

Pain in the Ass Factor: 4
Cost Factor: 1

You've gotta tell those mofos where to go! We bought a roll of self-adhesive chalkboard paper and a sheet of foam core, and my brother (who can cut in a straight line) applied it and cut it into useful rectangles with a box cutter.We already had tons of sidewalk chalk. Margaret wrote almost all of these.

Coloring Books and Crayons for Kids:
Pain in the Ass Factor: 4
Cost Factor: 1

More of a random, fun idea than a real DiY type thing, we had a lot of kids at our wedding, so we bought a stack of 99 cent coloring books at Target, emptied a few boxes of crayons into a random vintage tin that my grandma got rid of, and put them all at one table. We didn't even remember to put a sign out, but the kids found that shit. It was a pretty big hit.

Gold Laurel Leaf Headbands for Flower Girls:
Pain in the Ass Factor: 4
Cost Factor: 1

This probably won't be of interest unless you have a thematic preoccupation with the Greek legend of the goddess Psyche (that's a wedding theme we used on top of swing music, glitter rock, general vintage bric-a-brac, and uh, prom) but here's how I made our flower girls' headbands to look sort of like little girl versions of ethereal, art nouveau laurel crowns.

1.) I ordered a set of four gold colored laurel "embellishments" off of Etsy like these for about $12. 2.) I bought a pack of little girls' headbands from Target. 3.) I hot glued the laurel on there.

That's it.

Makeshift DiY Card Box Made from Vintage Metal Hamper
Pain in the Ass Factor: 5
Cost Factor: 1

I had a cool vintage metal waist paper basket from the 1940's that I got at a local antique store for $6. So I got a roll of tulle at Michael's for $1.99, and cut enough lengths of it to fully cover the opening, then had MC brace it while I secured it there with a large rubber band. I covered over the rubber band with a lot of pretty ribbon, cut a slit in the tulle with a boxcutter (just don't cut against the direction you draped it in), and DONE.

Er, almost. We could have just made a chalkboard sign that said "Cards," but for this particular sign, I scanned a pretty illustration out of this book, printed it out and used that. Actually, if I'm being honest, I combined two illustrations to get what I wanted, and put the word Cards on there too, but that was extra credit. 

Vintage Wedding Bands
Pain in the Ass Factor: 6
Cost Factor: 4

MC and I thought what we wanted in our rings was too specific for anything but a custom job from a jewelry maker, but we were cruising around Ebay and Etsy looking for some vintage inspiration and ended up finding rings we completely fell in love with. They came from two different sellers, and somehow look perfect together, and they both have the laurel leaf theme we wanted. 

MC wanted a substantial, I Am Fucking Married style golder-than-gold wedding ring, so he loved this vintage Edwardian rose gold cigar band style ring with a deep laurel engraving. I wanted a fine enough band to wear stacked but separate against my engagement ring, so I fell in love with this 1920's delicate laurel patterned ring, with an inside made of yellow gold an outside made of palladium -- quite rare for that era in jewelry!

Of course, neither of them fit, so we had them resized at a local jeweler for about $65 each. All told, these rings ended up being way, way cheaper than a custom job, and also somewhat cheaper than most new rings that don't look like shit.

Wedding Favor Mixtapes on USB Drives
Pain in the Ass Factor: 7
Cost Factor: 3

Okay, this DiY element had the most moving parts, but it was totally worth it. Here's how we did it:

1). First, we obviously made a playlist consisting of songs that were going to be featured at the wedding. These included mostly 70's and 80's glam rock and dance tunes, and songs MC insisted upon because, as I would later learn, he was planning to sing them to me at the reception. Though we hilariously forgot to include All the Young Dudes, which was our processional music.

2.) We then raided the 10 cent bin at the Goodwill for cassettes in order to use their cases, and bought enough for our estimation of how many "households" would be attending. We then had to go over the cases with a paper towel and some alcohol to clean them out, but we didn't buy any that were filthy, so it wasn't that hard.

3.) We then ordered the cheapest, smallest USB drives EVER from OEMPCWorld, made sure our playlist would fit on there (a couple songs got axed), and started loading them. My laptop has 3 USB ports, and the whole affair took maybe an hour, though I did have to re-rip a couple of tunes at a lower bit-rate just to fit them on there.

4.) We used a handy template and Adobe Illustrator to throw together some cover art but you could definitely do it with cheaper, simpler software if you wanted, or go old school and just use a copy machine. Figuring out the front-to-back printing to put the track listing on the back wasn't worth it so we just printed the "back" sides on separate sheets and then hastily rubber cemented the two sides together.

P.S. The vintage wooden grape crate these are sitting in is from our house, and usually has winter hats and gloves in it. In our vintage-themed wedding, we found it very useful to "borrow" a lot of existing items from our home. 

I actually have a handful of these mixes left. Request one in a comment and I'll send you one! 


  1. Can't believe it has been almost a year! Such great memories. :)

  2. You guys are so frickin creative and fabulous!
    I need a copy of that mix, darling!


    Here's my address if you have any of those awesome mixes left...
    Carrie Critton
    39 Cumberland Road
    West Hartford, CT 06119

    Thank you so much!

  3. I would love one of the mixes - how do I go about getting one? It's sweet of you to share!
    Carrie L

    1. You got it, Carrie! Email me your address: cammila@gmail.com :)

  4. oh, it was so hard to find wedding rings/bands. especcially for the future hubby ... but in the end we found something, not vintage but lovely.

  5. ahhhh your wedding looks so AHHH!!! <3 I love it! the theme and your DIYs are all so cute. I might just use the mixtape idea for my wedding ... although it's kinda far off (I'm 18 haha).
    I'd love one of the mixtapes, but it might be a hassle for you to send it since I live all the way in Asia :(
    c'est la vie
    following your blog now btw! you're welcome to follow mine too :D


  6. Wonderful ideas, I'll have to keep them in mind for my planning. Love those vintage rings, great finds!

  7. MEMEMEMEMEMEMEEEE! *eagerly waving hand from the back of the room*



  8. To heck with a blog--you all need your own tv show. Love the wedding posts--and covet a mix tape, if the traffic will bear it.
    Christel Reges
    5513 Larch St.
    Fredericksburg, VA. 22407

  9. I'd love one if you have enough :). Yay for "real" mail!

    1. You got it! I have an address for you on St. Louis from when you won a giveaway. Lemmie know if that's not right anymore!

  10. How cool are you seriously !!! And those wedding rings and coloring books... man ! I want to attend a wedding like that :)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these DIY wedding posts. Seriously!

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

  11. Seriously how cool how are you guys.... !! Those wedding rings and coloring books.... just awesome !! I would love to attend a wedding like that !

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your DIY wedding posts. seriously !

    Swati @ The Creative Bent


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