dressed up like a lady: Buffalo 2-Step

Jul 29, 2013

Buffalo 2-Step

We actually took these last week, the day before I finally got my hair trimmed. The heat wave has finally passed since then, and I kind of miss it. Because I'm insane.

Tank: Victoria's Secret
Full skirt: 70's vintage via ArtelleGallery
Blue patent maryjanes: Liz Claiborne
Butterfly necklace: Thrifted

I pushed the aperture basically as wide as I could get it for these, because there was something very light and glowing about Cammila on this particular evening that I wanted to capture.  What am I saying, she's always light and glowing! However, on this lovely night, she was a 1930's Fairy Beauty, with Superman-blue Mary Jane's and vanilla ice cream outfit flecked with candied cherry bits. I also wanted to portray the balance between texture and luminance in all that white, which I couldn't do without a little blurring, but that's alright with me, especially when it helps illustrate her motion. -MC 


  1. That skirt... you find the BEST vintage, you really do.

  2. This is perfect fit and flare, as you always say, the most universally flattering shape. Especially on you! :)

  3. I remember you talking about trying to modify this top so your boobs wouldn't fall out haha. It looks like it fits like a glove now!

  4. You look so gorgeous girl! Like seriously you can pull anything and everything off! I love this skirt and your blue heels :)

  5. Gorgeous look and pics ~ love the skirt and the photographer's note ;)


    P.S. Can totally see you rocking Fausto Puglisi!

  6. You mentioned before that this look is "double retro? I am liking this notion more and more.


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