dressed up like a lady: Cherry picking

Jul 12, 2013

Cherry picking

This will probably sound pretty silly, but we didn't realize last year during our first summer here, that the fruit tree in our side yard is a real cherry live cherry tree. Who would ever assume something so idyllic?

We figured it was some kind of hawthorn type bird berry tree or something. But my sis in law Alessandra recognized that the perfect little globes growing on our tree were obviously cherries, and confirmed with our house's former owner -- who's awesome and still lives in our town. Turns out we're the proud owners of a beautiful and prolific tart cherry tree! Which has meant harvesting baskets and baskets full of goods over the past few weeks. Looks like it's time to invest in a chest freezer and some more Ball jars. 

There were actually two cherry trees here, years ago, but one of them long passed away. The bark is beginning to peel, revealing the serpentine maps left by some bark beetles!

Gbear and her dear friend from across the street were quite fascinated by it!

P.S. We're playing at Mash tomorrow night from 10-close. It's always a pretty rowdy party when we  rock that joint -- come by if you feel like dancing.


  1. Sounds like it is time for eating cherry crumble, cherry pie, making some cherry preserves to eat with cheese...

    Cherries are probably the best fruit, but tough to find around here. I am drooling over that bucket!

  2. Our neighbor has a tart cherry tree and it has also been extremely productive this summer. I have never seen anyone pick it while looking this earth goddess esque so you have one up on them.

  3. Wish we could come out and see you rock tonight!

    These pictures are so lovely it's almost sick. But you can send me a pie if you want.

  4. Amazing look and pics, darling ~ idyllic, indeed!

    Rock out tonight!!


  5. Looks like such a fun activity ! And you looked so stunning in that maxi doing it :)
    The last picture is particularly gorgeous.

    Enjoy those cherries :)

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

  6. love so much your maxi dress!
    it looks like you had a really nice time!
    beautiful photos!


  7. Holy Tartsville, now you know your little family is blessed. Love the dress.


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