dressed up like a lady: Go Team Flamingo!!!

Jul 26, 2013

Go Team Flamingo!!!

Floral crop top: ASOS Woman
Platforms: Steve Madden
Shorts: Victoria's Secret
Sunnies: Thrifted
Ankh pendant: Mom's from the 60's
Doorknocker earrings: Thrifted

I can only assume that this crazy baseball jacket style hoodless hoodie would represent the fictional minor league team The Lipstick Flamingos, as there is such a bird prominently embroidered on the breast, and the sleeves are covered in kisses. In my world, the Lipstick Flamingos would be the focus of a Bad News Bears style comedy about a plucky group of drag queens who win the world series.

Sorry there are so many pictures. MC was really proud of himself for getting the settings right in continually changing conditions (and I am too), plus, I think he really likes it when I look like a 90's club diva. 

When we got coffee right before this shoot, the girl behind the counter told Cammila that she looked like a Fly Girl. I think we were both pleased by this comparison, though my girl's hotter than J-Lo. But I am a big fan of any look that encourages Cammila to pose like a dancer from In Living Color. If you look closely above, you'll notice a photo where she's actually doing the Cabbage Patch.
Hey Cammila, the DJ from In Living Color called -- he wants his jacket back. DON'T GIVE IT TO HIM. -MC


  1. That jacket is ridiculous, in the very best way. Love it.

  2. I really want a TV show about the Lipstick Flamingos now! Awesome outfit as usual Cammila; I love the ankh pendant & especially that it was once your Mom's! :)

  3. Katie said almost exactly what I was going to say! Ridiculous awesomeness!

  4. glad to see you get your haircut... Keep up the good job, you and MC , you are amazing

  5. GO GIRL! The Fly Girlz references are cracking me up, and this look is so sexy and cute.

  6. Um yeah, you need to write the screenplay for The Lipstick Flamingos. While wearing this. :)

  7. I loved that show! Ended up watching the vid too...memories. Love the jacket!


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