dressed up like a lady: Hot enough to wake the dead

Jul 15, 2013

Hot enough to wake the dead

Day of the Dead print dress: Freak of Nature via ASOS Woman
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Sunglasses: Giant Vintage
Earrings: NastyGal


  1. GoodNESS, woman. I think I can HEAR traffic stopping in these photos. Those blue shoes are my favorite shoes I've seen on you, but that dress.


  2. Whaaat, this dress is beyond amazing! Gorgeous, as usual :)!

  3. TOTAL babe. I love that dress, it looks great on you and the print is featuring a few of my favorite eye candies.

    Despite my lack of religion, the Hispanic Catholic depictions of religious icons always get me weak in the knees. Especially in Texas and Mexico where they make these amazing alters of various sizes honoring the Virgin Mary and what not, but they are colorful, glittery and made with strange knick knacks and bottle tops. And don't even get me started on sugar skulls and Dia De Los Muertos... its a bucket list thing to celebrate the holiday in Mexico one year, plus my tattoo is loosely based on sugar skulls, I plan on posting on that soon!


  4. This maxi dress is the perfect balance of retro and contempo! ;)

  5. Amazing, perfectly hot 'Saint' dress. Reminds me of something the young girl in the novel Eleven Minutes should have worn.


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