dressed up like a lady: I think this top is technically swimwear.

Jul 18, 2013

I think this top is technically swimwear.

Crochet halter top: Retro Timbre Crochet 
50's painted full skirt: Vintage via the Getup
70's wood heel sandals: Vintage via Sugar Cookie Lady

What's really crazy is that this crocheted top is downright formal compared to what I look like on a super hot day when I'm not even trying. Some afternoons I beat the heat by just wearing a bikini top and cut-offs. It looks super classy when paired with a giant pair of yellow rubber gloves and a wrench, as my wonderful neighbor witnessed the other day, when she stopped by while MC and I were uninstalling an old dishwasher. She was dressed beautifully for a summer wedding, by the way, but she still didn't judge. That's a mark of awesomeness right there.

                                 If it gets any hotter in Michigan, this blog may become R rated. Seriously though, I love how Cammila dresses for the heat. Knit halter with '70s strappy heels and vibrant fiesta skirt -- West Side Story meets Boogie Nights. I think I'm in love. Wait, I TOTALLY AM! I like mixing backgrounds during shoots, trying different ideas, something our industrial park playground allows for. I also enjoy forcing Cammila to get into the character of her outfit and dance or strut or vogue. Well, force isn't really the right word since she's a total ham. That's part of what makes her a great model and creative partner on these shoots. It also makes her good at rolling with it when we have to stop and adjust the aperture and shutter speed every two minutes, when the nuclear summer sun goes behind an impenetrably opaque rain cloud.  -MC


  1. to MC: West Side Story is exactly what I was going to say. That's the first thing I think of, is all the gorgeous vibrant colors the Puerto Rican women wear in that musical/movie.

    I think once the temps hit a certain level, all judgement should be put aside. Everyone wears whatever is least likely to get sweaty and stick to that spot in the small of your back that is my least favorite feeling in the world.

    Gorgeous skirt. I love those leafy panels on it!

  2. Bikini top or not, you look great! This heat wave is crazy, but I can't complain; I love it.


  3. Girl, you wear this heat WELL! And is that GOLD LAME bric a brac? Holy hell, that skirt just got 10x more awesome than it already was!

    My favorite photo is when you have the skirt hiked up and are looking into the sun.



  4. This is how everyone should cope with the heat! So much prettier than all those flip flops and cargo shorts lol.

  5. Pure sexiness! I agree, 70's meets 50's -- very west side story!


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