dressed up like a lady: It's too hot for real clothes.

Jul 19, 2013

It's too hot for real clothes.

 Children's Detroit Lion's tee cut into a crop tank: Thrifted
Semi-destroyed cut offs: Really old
Crazy heels: Steve Madden
Woven belt: Thrifted
Bracelets: Various

Bonus round! Let's see that with flats!!

 Cammila  wanted to shoot this in the cracked, abandoned parking lot behind our local Motel 6, but we didn't have time to explore beyond our usual stomping ground. I tried to capture the slacker aesthetic she was alluding to anyway though, evincing the half-conscious summer haze with a lot of light and a focus on the warm color of Cammila’s skin -- which was easy to capture, juxtaposed with the cool color of her homemade cropped Detroit Lions tank. I also took advantage of the semi-truck trailers parked around our lot by suggesting she lean against them for a sexy, nonchalant, 70’s summer movie vibe. Sometimes I worry that all the industrial detritus -- broken bottles, discarded tubing and sundry packing materials -- will look out of place in our shoots, but it totally worked this time, and I think we nailed the glamour grunge concept Cammila had in mind. And for the record, I think she looks even sexier in the Vans than in the heels. -MC  


  1. Those cutoffs hardly exist at this point; it's almost a miniskirt, haha. Love those shoes, and MC got a great take on your skin tone here! Everybody wins.

  2. Sometimes I look at photos of your body and am not even certain if you are actually a human. My god woman. Good thing I got over my body hang-ups years ago. If not, you'd push me over the edge with these photos. You're so hot it's silly.
    -Jenn, Much to my Delight

  3. You look amazingly stunning as always. Keep it hot I say!

  4. You are so smoking hot, you are the perfect picture of summer!

  5. I have to say that I love how strong and muscular your body looks. You are no waif, you are a real woman!!

  6. Holy abs, Batman!
    You look incredible, darling!!


  7. Catcalls and whistles from my corner! You look amazing!


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