dressed up like a lady: La-di-da, la-di-da, la la.

Jul 24, 2013

La-di-da, la-di-da, la la.

Skirt: Racerback tank: Random TJMaxx, I think
Full skirt: 70's vintage via ArtelleGallery
Dark teal patent mary janes: Victoria's Secret
Sparkly socks: Very old UO
Belt, clock necklace, bracelets: Thrifted
Doctor's bag: Vintage, 80's Ann Taylor 

MC and I have been enjoying a little at-home Woody Allen film festival. It began as a sporadic jaunt through a handful of his 70's and 80's classics, but by the time we got to  1992's Husbands and Wives, it became an Every Film In Order affair. We're up to Celebrity, and I guess when we get to the top of the list we'll have to go back to the beginning and watch the ones we skipped earlier, like Interiors and Broadway Danny Rose. I admit I remain less than completely motivated about lesser hits like Alice and Shadows and Fog. Never seen those ones. Are they mandatory?

Also, I have to say it's kind of amusing how apparent it is that MC is clearly viscerally repelled by Mia Farrow as a romantic figure on screen. Judy Davis too, though she gets to play characters that are more explicitly batshit. And I think MC respects both of them very much as actresses -- he notices how smart their choices are. But you can just look at him whenever either of them are portrayed in a scene as an object of desire and see he looks totally effing horrified. Dude recoils

I wasn't looking for it when we were in the Diane Keaton period, but when we loop back around to those films, I'll let you know.

Once again, direct sun was an issue for us on this shoot -- we actually took a few pictures and thought the shadows were too severe, so we went to the food co-op and came back when the sun was lower. The upside is that our front porch, while in need of a paint job, is a warm and inviting place to relax on an early Summer night. We took these during the golden hour, which due to this heatwave was more like the burning hour, but neither of us seem to mind. I love Cammila’s sparkly, slouchy socks with her green patent leather Mary Janes. Paired with her vintage bag she reminds me of a ‘30s starlet, a glamour-bumpkin fresh off the train and arrived on the porch of her wacky boarding house run by the Marx Brothers. A far more knowing, if no less innocently ebullient version of Samantha Morton’s wide-eyed woman-child character in Sweet and Lowdown -- one of my favorites from our ongoing Woody Allen-a-thon, and the film that inspired us to go back in his career and revisit more and more of his work. I’ve seen most of his films before, but never really deconstructed them as much as Cammila and I are now, with an especially keen eye to how he portrays his leading ladies. I still think Dianne Wiest in Hannah and her Sisters is one of his best. -MC 


  1. I can't see how you could stand to wear socks in the heat! I am living in sandals right now, haha. Although I'm a wee bit further south than you. The pink looks great, and as always your poses rock.

  2. Those socks!!! Also, love the color of that shirt. x


  3. It looks cool how your skirt is sort of old fashioned but your tank is very modern! Great combo.

  4. Stunning shots! I love the color of the top with the floral skirt and the socks are super cool! xx


  5. Oh my word, how is it that I've lived 29 years on this rock and never owned sparkly socks? They're the bee's knees and epitome of glam coolness, yet I somehow always seem to forget they exist when I go sock shopping. I really must remedy that one of these days.

    You look stellar, honey, flat out stellar. I love the colour palette at work here - very berry-ish with a swirl of summer garden, and the socks are of course incredible. Tres fab!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. another lovely outfit ... the glamorous socks in those awesome pointy heels totally hit the nail.

  7. You look absolutely mesmerizing in that dress, it's gorgeous! It's such an honor to get invited to the film festival.

    We are pleased to announce the 2013 PRESENTERS for the 168 Film Festival Awards Show: My favorite actress is Sabrina Culver. Yours?


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