dressed up like a lady: Man looks good

Jul 9, 2013

Man looks good

Skinny cords: Levi's
Insane polo shirt: Turning Point(?), thrifted
Amazing retro running shoes: New Balance
Shades: Thrifted


Whatever, you can't blame me. Just look at this guy. ;)

On the serious, though: MC is the most loving, compassionate, caring person I have ever met. If I'm cranky and huffy and ready to snap at the slightest annoyance, he's the one who cuts right through the tension, puts his hands on my hips, plants a kiss on my lips and says "Oh baby, what'sa matter?" 

He takes a deep breath and counts to ten every time he's in danger of losing his temper. He reacts to every human interaction with an expectation of reason and mutual sympathy, even when dealing with the kind people who can't possibly deliver on this expectation. He's freaking awesome.

Just wanted to make that clear. I don't just love him because he looks so good in aviators. ;)


  1. You guys are so in love! It always makes me smile. And MC looks super handsome even though that shirt is crazy lol.

  2. Bravo! MC's kind heart is a well known fact. It is rare to find a person who is sensitive who can also stand up and be strong when he has to. I have seen MANY good hearted men back down in a tough situation because they can't handle being called "mean", which is the first thing somebody trying to get the jump on a good person will always try to say.

    My great aunt has always said "The magistrate don't care what YOU think is fair!" She also has an embroidery that says "Be kind, be right, or shut up". :)

  3. I have been considering some old school sneakers like this. Not sure they would look as hip on me but it's good to have aspirations.

  4. MC, did you guest post again? *rim shot*

    Nice shirt & kicks MC! It's good to see the man behind the camera is as comfortable in front of it.



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