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Jul 16, 2013

The H is O

70's maxi dress: Local antique store, hand made ($10!)
Shoes: Victoria's Secret
Rings: Grandma's
Shades: TJ Maxx

The annual heat wave is on here in Michigan and I know I'm crazy for saying I love it being 96°F/35°C with 98% humidity but I TOTALLY DO. I don't know if I'd love it for longer than a few weeks at a time, but that's the beauty of the Midwest. I love the sub zero winter freezes too. But only for a few weeks at a time. ;)


  1. Oh wow that dress is the shizzzzzzz! You look fantastic in it! And I too like heat and humidity, it reminds me of being a kid when we couldn't afford A/C except on the most blistering hot of days!

  2. I love this heat, too! It's what summer was made for, really.


  3. Love the dress!! Perfect for the hot humid Summer we are having in Toronto as well.

  4. That's not crazy at all - before I was chronically ill (summer does a real number on me health wise), I used to adore the wildest, roasty-est, most sizzlingly hot days of summer too. There was something almost instinctually primal about surviving the worst of the heat and making the very best of it in the process. No matter how much it may knock the wind of out me (so to speak) these days, I still love summer's frenzied dog days to my core and know that nothing will ever change that.

    Ravishingly beautiful dress, dear lady - I really do think this is one of my favourite garments you've ever posted before.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Hot sandals + perfect summer dress = winning outfit :)

    Dress To Cook Blog

  6. Too funny, not only do we have previously discussed similarities with our Dad's, but my Dad is from Michigan too! Love this look, want close-ups of Grandma's rings!

  7. Wow,you belong in Paris, not Michigan. That is some dress. I want to have that in my closet, although it probably wouldn't look good on a short person like myself. Stunning, and love the green heels with it.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Would you like to follow each other?


  8. I love that about the midwest too... that we get distinct seasons. Though I wish it wasn't so bipolar day to day though.

  9. What a score of a dress... hand made, vintage, $10, AND long enough to wear on your long, lithe, lean bod with heels? Thats worth of a thrift shop hall of fame medal! They have those right?



  10. So gorge! Big favor - my old blog was shut down by Blogger. Me thinks because I didn't want to add my cell phone number. Anyway could you leave a link in one of
    your posts concering your diet. I'm striving for your waist. Thank you!
    Paige - now blogging under Mishla [my cat's name actually -- teehee.

    1. Oh Paige, that SUCKS!!! I was so horrified when your blog wasn't there the other day -- all that beautiful writing. If Google doesn't fix that for you, I want to personally tell them all where to stick it!

      The post where I talked about my diet is here: http://www.dresseduplikealady.com/2013/06/what-i-eat.html

      Please let me know how your blogging situation shakes out! The world needs your words.


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