dressed up like a lady: Fly like an eagle

Aug 30, 2013

Fly like an eagle

Smith's t-shirt: MC's
Shredded leggings: Random TJ Maxx find
Sunnies: Kenneth Cole Reaction via TJ Maxx
Earrings: Nastygal
Leopard print booties: ASOS Woman

Yet another co-opted shirt culled from my husband's closet. Here's MC wearing it in 1986 with his beautiful mom and sis:

Man, I married into an attractive family.

Also: Check out this eagle! MC surprised me with it the other day! He saw this photo of a waitress at Mabuhay Gardens from 1977 and thought I'd dig her whole look (which I do), so he went searching on Etsy.  Pretty impressive husband work, right?! I mean damn.

It fits my taste perfectly, and not just because I love eagles. I love all hawks. I love them because they always look pissed off. This is why Sam Eagle is the most inherently funny supporting Muppet.

I bought this tee featuring Morrissey brandishing some gladiolus at Wherehouse Records around 1986. Definitely not an official tour shirt of any kind, possibly not even licensed. It's SO big! I remember asking the blasé hipster girl behind the counter in my tentative pre-teen voice if they had a smaller size, but they only had XL. I bought it anyway and wore it skateboarding all over the parking lots and mini malls of East Lansing. It was eventually demoted to sleeping shirt before being found by my wife and receiving a field promotion to the top of the ranks. Now it's paper thin and perfect for Cammila.
As for that golden eagle, I just thought the image of that waitress is awesome -- the simple pairing of the excellent fitted tee with the soaring eagle choker struck me as really inspired. It's both punk and chic. Which fits Cammila exactly and I knew she'd love it. Still on the hunt for that "Success" t-shirt though...   -MC 


  1. Damn, woman. Just... damn. It's not often I see an oversized tee-leggings look that is that strikingly perfect.

    MC has the best shirts for you to steal and make your own, doesn't he? I think this is the magic of husband-shirts. I steal Jason's shirts all the time. There's just something awesome about the menswear-and-piles-of-jewelry look.

  2. Love this outfit! The tee looks amazing on you (& great on your hubbie too)!

    Nic x

  3. Each piece is perfectomundo. MC's cheekbones were off the chain!

  4. OMG that pic of the girl really does bring Cammila's style to mind! MC has a good eye!


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