dressed up like a lady: Happy Anniversary

Aug 19, 2013

Happy Anniversary

MC and I have been married for one year.

Traditionally, the 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift consists of paper. So MC surprised me (while I was still in bed!) with this gift. It's a comic -- but not just any comic! It's the first appearance of my X-Men avatar, Dazzler, a beautiful roller-disco mutant who disarms her foes with her singing voice! 

He also wrote me a love poem. :)

As my gift to MC, I was going to make him a photo book ....but then we left our laptop charger in a hotel room, which means I can't finish the project until the new one comes in the mail. Which, of course, is taking forever! So I made him a pile of high-school style love-note-doodles as a temporary consolation present, until I can give him his belated gift. 

But as long as we're talking about books and anniversary presents, take a look at this 275 page Blurb book I made MC for our first dating anniversary, three years ago. :)

The first year that MC and I were together was so epic and jam-packed and momentous, I couldn't stand the thought of a precious instant from it slipping through the cracks. So I used the format of this book to document every tangible moment of it that I could.

I included transcripts of our Instant Message chats.

I screencapped important messages we'd shared, and scoured his email (with implicit permission, since we're always up in each other's everything) for every poem he'd dashed off and possibly forgotten about.

I used pictures and descriptions to catalog gifts, events, and memories.

That first year, I made MC a lot of mixapes. His old car had a tapedeck, and I still had a stereo that could record cassettes. With every tape, I'd make him a "Mixtape Guide" to go with it -- a ream of notebook pages in which I'd explain the significance of each song, with highlighted excerpts from the lyrics. 

Lucky for me, MC loved these mixtape guides and wasn't freaked out by my enthusiasm. We'd spend hours going through them, talking, listening to music.

Our dating anniversary spans from August 20th to September 25th -- the former being the date we realized we loved each other, and the latter being our first kiss. Now that we have a wedding anniversary, it adds two days to our celebration window. As if I needed more excuses to express my love for Matt Collar. ;)

And you know what's really awesome? As special as that first year was, it doesn't represent something that's gone. That mystery and magic is still there every single day, prompting me to shout from the rooftops and thank my lucky stars. :)


  1. YOU are the only gift I'll ever need or could ever want, Babycat.

  2. The first anniversary is a gooey one. Or maybe it's not, but we're kind of sappy-goo-fest couple so our first was super sappy, haha.

    That is one hell of a book. I wish I had thought to do that - there's a lot of paper I wrote random stuff on I'd like to have kept now to show him. As it is, I kept writing journals for a couple of years and have held on to the stuff i wrote about him, specifically.

    Congratulations to both of you! Kick-ass wedding, kick-ass couple, kick-ass marriage. There should be a gold medal in there somewhere ;)

  3. Awww, how sweet! I'm working on a book like that for my boyfriend's birthday. Glad to see how it turns out and by that I mean AWESOME.

    Happy Anniversary! :)

  4. What a fantastic book - Happy anniversary to you both :D

    CC xx

  5. Hope my previous comment saved ...

  6. I have goosebumps from all the gooey love! You two share the most creative, unique, fun open and honest gifts, probably because you're creative creative, unique, fun open and honest people. Probably ;)

    Also, I love the last photo, with your two heads and the way your arm is placed, I see a heart shape. Very apropos.



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