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Aug 14, 2013

It is a Great Art to Saunter

Thoreau Sauntering Society tee: MC's
Skirt: Vintage, Gunne Sax via the Getup
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Neon Shawl: Local antique/consignment shop
Sunnies: Giant Vintage
Yin-yang goddess earrings: Gift from MC

I remain as obsessed with MC's Thoreau Sauntering Society t-shirt as ever. I get giddy pleasure out of inserting myself cosmically into that mythical time when MC was 16 and didn't know me but was destined to be mine if for no other reason than his awesome taste in t-shirts.

I think this is the second time we've featured my Thoreau Sauntering Society t-shirt on the blog. It was one of my favorite shirts --I got it on a family vacation to the East Coast in the late '80s. Quirky t-shirts are ubiquitous now, but at the time I got it, it was pretty novel. I was well within the throes of my teen obsession with literary greats like Hemingway and Fitzgerald and coming across this shirt at the recreation of Thoreau's cabin left me pretty jazzed. Of course, nowhere near as jazzed as I am now that my beautiful, smart and effortlessly sexy wife loves the shirt more than I do. Cammila even modified it per her usual specs after the collar began to come off.  -MC 


  1. Love the cinched waist! You guys are so much fun :)

  2. I LOVE this post series!!! There is a very special feeling when you wear the clothes of someone you truly love.

  3. That shirt is amazing today, even in the age of quirky tee shirts and the internet! And I would never guess it could be so sexy. ;)

  4. OMG, your style is so unique, it's insane. I don't even know which piece I love the most, but I want to have your sunnies and skirt in my closet. This shoot looks like so much fun and I love your distinct taste in fashion!


  5. I went swimming at Walden Pond this summer, it is gorgeous and peaceful (even with kids running and splashing) and Ican see how Thoreau wanted to spend so much time there. I cannot understand how he lived in that teeniny cabin though! I guess he had nature as a living room though. :)

    Anyways. Cammila is looking so fun and funky today and MC, she looks particularly lovely with the lighting in the last photo. TEAM WORK!



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