dressed up like a lady: Our latest inspiration

Aug 29, 2013

Our latest inspiration



And by reader demand, here's a little of what I've been pinning on my surprisingly popular board, Reminds Me of My Girl, where I post pictures that, to me, unmistakeably evoke, Cammila. I'm sure it's not surprising if even the images above from my Tumblr all seem vaguely Cammila inspired. They totally are! I explain this every time, but part of what it means to be as in love as I am with Cammila is that I see the world through a prism of her. I can't help it! Be it her confident sensuality or her child-like giddiness, her jaw-dropping lack of fear or her endlessly loving compassion, her comic timing or her giant brain, I see Cammila in everything. I hope you guys feel some of my joy when I post this stuff.

My own captions provided.

1. Crafts in style     2. Dances on the wind.
3. COFFEE?!?!?     4. Talks to the animals.
5. Strong, sensual, stylish.     6. Funny and hot.

7. Sexy badass.      8. BOUNDLESS energy.
9. In reverie.     10. Strong, muscular, healthy, gorgeous.
11. Best mom ever.     12. Brilliant. Glamorous. Knows these are not mutually exclusive.
13. Beautiful, not bony.     14. Magical child from the wilds.
15. Dark eyes, luscious waves.     16. Princess Cammila

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MC on Pinterest
Cammila on Pinterest


  1. Is that GIF from Magical Fairy Persia!?

    Uh not that I would know what that show is, er, uh, grumble...

  2. I love that you spread the joy with Reminds Me of My Girl! I think more people should think of romantic love this way. You should appreciate every aspect of a person and they should do that for you too. We all have flaws too but if you don't start with that deep understanding...well, good luck. I would have ended some very wrong relationships in my life a lot earlier if I knew this back then.

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