dressed up like a lady: Shadows and light

Aug 5, 2013

Shadows and light

Bustier top: ASOS Woman
Skater skirt: Club L
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Bag: Vintage via Farmstead Vintage
Mod earrings: Vintage via the Getup

I had Gbear offering me pose suggestions during most of this shoot. They were all excellent, but this was definitely the best one she gave me:

Indeed, Gbear stood behind me and offered some very enthused direction throughout this shoot -- she has an awful lot of editorial opinions for a six year old. She eventually jumped in front of the camera too, and I got to photograph both my girls. Cammila claims she likes when my shadow is visible in the bottom of the frame. I try desperately to avoid catching my shadow in the shot, especially when its hitting her shoes, or drifting across her leg. I love that she likes it though. I guess its just a small reminder that this blog is a collaborative effort.  -MC 


  1. I sooooo love skater skirts. I only have one and it's black. You make me want to buy one in every color. :)

  2. Beautiful look and pics, darling!
    Love that skirt!


  3. The photographer's shadow can be the most interesting part of a photo. Maybe not when the photo also contains a leggy bombshell, but you get my point. ;)

  4. Haha, that last shot is priceless! Also, I love the little Dala horse with your last name on it!!

  5. LOVE THIS LOOK. What an awesome bustier!! So great with the skirt and heels. Yay, this makes me smile. :)

  6. the bustier looks amazing on you!
    love the different shades of blue that you chose!
    ps:what a great idea the photographer's note!i just loved the backstage details!



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