dressed up like a lady: Swimsuit/Bodysuit -- Arbitrary Distinction?

Aug 23, 2013

Swimsuit/Bodysuit -- Arbitrary Distinction?

Plaid 90's bathing suit: Thrifted deadstock -- the tags and "hygienic liner" were still on it! (lol eew, what?)
Boyfriend jeans: Banana Republic, MC's
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Blue mirrored aviators: Thrifted

Yes, I am wearing a 90's swimsuit as a top. Yes, I am fine with that. Don't judge me, how do YOU know I'm not going to the beach?!

Okay, fine, I admit it -- it's weird. But it looked so awesome when Paulina Porizkova did it!

Our normally vacant staging area was surprisingly crowded when we went to take these pics, so we had to try a new spot. At first, I thought the beige wall wouldn't be enough contrast to show off Cammila's totally bodacious '90s swimsuit ensemble. But right away I was digging the way the tan wall complimented the blue tones. Plus, the new backdrop afforded us just the right amount of shade. I love how Cammila's coconut butterscotch skin is illuminated by the jewel tone colors at play in her reflective aviators and the sheen of her gold cage heels. Also, I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but it's so awesome that I married this confident, dynamic woman -- and she's wearing my pants!  -MC 


  1. Define "confident badassery" in one photo.

    It would be any one of these, chosen at random.

  2. Love the idea of pairing the swimsuit with the boyfriend jeans! Awesome!

  3. You look faaaabulous!!!! You've got the figure for it, why not? I on the other hand would look redonkulous ;D

    CC x

  4. I so remember those underwire bathing suits from the '90s!! Love it!! What editing finish does your hubby use for the face shots? Always looks so soft. Thanks!

    1. Hey Monica. We don't use filters in post, mostly just levels/curves, focus, and color balance. MC uses physical filters on the actual camera sometimes, and has lots of methods when it comes to focus, and he gets really specific about lighting conditions, using reflective pads, external flash diffusers, etc. It's a team effort, and if the result is at least a handful of good ones, we call that big success. :)

  5. I think the only reason I'd shy from wearing a swimming suit as a top is breathe-ability; it seems swimming suits are never made in fabric that body heat can pass through well. I love those blue aviators! I wish aviators suited my face shape.

  6. Def NOT weird, thats a totally perfect combo with the husband jeans and heels, HOT HOT HOT! I think one time I told you I can't weir bodysuits b/c of the length of my torso, it is relatively short in comparison to my body, but still too long for commercial bodysuits and one pieces. :/ But I couldn't hold a candle to the flame of this look anyways!



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