dressed up like a lady: Bingo!

Sep 20, 2013


Crop top: Made from MC's old pajama shirt
Black skinny jeans: Nine
Shoes: Steve Madden
Clubmaster sunglasses: Ray-ban
Belt: Thrifted
Belt buckle: Vintage via the Getup
Matte pink lipstick: NYX

I got this bingo watch from an estate sale I went to with my mom about five years ago, where there were a lot of bingo related mementos. I bought the watch, along with a pendant shaped like a tiny gold bingo board, because they were both sweet and stylish in their own funny way. That's why you're looking at a blank screen here -- I put it on for this shoot and soon realized the battery was dead. But I wore it anyway, because it's not like practicality was my primary motivation for wearing it in the first place.

You should have seen how excited Cammila was when I said this tee shirt was too worn out for me to wear it anymore, even to bed. It had gotten to that paper-thin, soft as rose petals state that only the most well loved t-shirts get to. Which means it's either time to put it to rest or let your obsessive, highly-creative, fashion re-purposing wife turn it into what looks like the sexiest, most lived-in football jersey ever. -MC


  1. Whenever you wear your hot abs as an accessory, you make me think of Carrie from Sex and the City! You gals have so much in common (fashion wise).

  2. I remember you mentioning that Bingo estate sale! Unless I am crazy, this is the first time you've actually posted this watch!

  3. Cute look, love the worn-in tee. That bag is great too!

  4. I really love this look. It is so badass and so effortless at the same time.


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