dressed up like a lady: Birthday coat, birthday bracelets, birthday dress...

Sep 27, 2013

Birthday coat, birthday bracelets, birthday dress...

Well geeze, considering I thought I'd be too busy with all our "emergency projects" at work lately to enjoy my birthday, I definitely got a heartwarming dose of love and generosity this year!

First of all, my parents-in-law wanted me to let them know what I wanted -- which is always a crazy question from family, because they're already spoiling you with love and support, right? Except MC tipped them off that I'd been saving my pennies for this 70's vintage shearling coat on Etsy! So they sent me a giftcard with instructions to get it. It even arrived lightning fast. I am a lucky girl.

Then, guess whose hotshit husband had a bunch of gifts waiting in the middle of the floor when she came downstairs the morning of her birthday?

And those gifts turned out to be an amazing Black Cat and Spiderman necklace...

(Ha -- MC takes "necklace picture," this equals "boob picture.")

..some CRAZY, GIANT Dazzler and Supergirl bangles!

And a beautiful vintage cotton dress from India in the exact style of one we'd been admiring in some classic photos of Bo Derek!

It is so gorgeously made and wonderful, I can't wait to post pictures of it in a full outfit next week!

Oh, and then get this -- I got a package in the mail today from Alana at Flying Purple Hippos -- because she got me these FREAKING AMAZING souvenirs in Dublin!!

Yup. That's a personalized kitty cat frame. 

Yup. These are over the top kiss shaped sunglasses and a giant, heavy as fuuuu purple pimpin' cocktail ring. I've never felt so eerily known! Not that it's that surprising -- Alana is super observant and full of smart and funny observations, so it's no surprise she could pinpoint my exact taste in ridiculous accessories. But still.

MC and I went to a press screening of Don Jon on the actual night of my birthday, and it was excellent (you can read my review here if you want) -- so I'll write that one down as a gold star. And my parents are coming over this weekend for homemade birthday cake and big hugs. Overtime at work seems like no big deal with this kind of awesomeness in life! I'm a lucky girl.

I don't know who had a better time on Cammila's birthday; Cammila, with her insanely cute, glowing grin? Chi, cuz all the tissue paper? Or me, because I'm the luckiest bastard ever. Cammila has always said the phrase she repeats in this post, "I'm a lucky girl." And while I know she says it out of gratitude, I've often suspected that it's also some kind of magic incantation. That by saying it, she makes herself into the thing she is: adored by the cosmos, exploding into the universe, always destined for great happiness. -MC


  1. Oh, Cammila. That coat. That coat is BOSS. I mean, everything else is too, but I actually had to catch my breath a little at that coat. I am going to drive up to Michigan in the middle of the night and take it.

    Or, you know, ge tlost halfway there and somehow end up in Chicago, which would be way more likely.

    Awesome birthday presents across the board; the people in your life done good!

  2. Happy birthday! Gifts are awesome :)

  3. I am so glad you liked them! I bought a horse plaque for my parents from the same table at the same market. After I paid for it, waited for it to be customized, and came back to pick it up, I saw the cat frame; its adorable 60s/70s kitsch immediately made me think of you, so, I bought it, and waited again for the customization. I wished that they had had the cat as a wall plaque.

    I am also glad you liked the sunglasses and ring; I bought them first, and almost didn't include them when I sent the package because they seemed so weirdly random with the frame, haha.

    As a side note, when writing this comment, I decided to look up the dictionary definition of "kitsch" and was surprised that it has a negative connotation. When I think of "kitsch" I tend to think of stuff that is..... adorable cutesy retro, and that is what I meant when I said its 60s/70s kitsch made me think of you.

  4. Such thoughtful, fun gifts. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope that it was awesome for you.


  5. That coat is absolutely stunning! All these gifts are remarkably thoughtful!


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