dressed up like a lady: Eff it, I'm wearing a sports bra as a top.

Sep 13, 2013

Eff it, I'm wearing a sports bra as a top.

Sports bra I am brazenly wearing as a crop top:  Nike, I think
Chain print wiggle skirt: ASOS Woman
Shoes: Adrienne Vittadini
Bag: Coach, mom's
Sunglasses: Thrifted

Holy cow, summer really made a comeback this week. It was 95°F/35°C and WAY humid. So dang hot, in fact, that I just said eff it, and wore this sports bra as a crop top. I was sweating all over the place anyway.

Okay so, in fairness, I will concede that while indoors and amid air conditioning, I wore a little cardigan. But I would have covered it in sweat stains if I wore it for more than a heartbeat outside, so I just have one shot of it where I'm not exactly donning it with commitment:

I am really pleased with these photos. Look at all those orbs! I love catching Cammila's face in all that gorgeous light. She looks like she's emerging from an ephemeral mist of disco pink lemonade. Is the sun attracted to her or does she just emit light from her pores like Dazzler? I guess all this is to say that I'm proud of how these shots turned out, but my wife makes it pretty easy. This may be just my unschooled opinion, but I have no complaints about her wearing a sports bra as a crop top. As if it weren't already hot enough out here. -MC


  1. I have thought of doing this so many times when it gets hot!!! You look awesome, girl.

  2. Love it! Have you guys every thought about filming your shoots? I think it would be so fun to see 'Behind the Scenes', even though MC's notes already dive into that a bit. Beautiful as usual guys!

  3. Love this mix of ladylike skirt/cardi with your devil may care crop top and attitude! As for a sports bra as crop top-I'm all for innerwear as outerwear as long as, you know, areolas aren't slipping out or what not. :) Which reminds me, I used to live right next to a business called Arriloa Construction, it never failed to illicit a giggle from me (i'm real mature).



  4. Love love love!! You should "eff it" all the time ;-)

    Really love that skirt and the whole outfit with the little sweater is perfection.

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