dressed up like a lady: Hot Truckin'

Sep 9, 2013

Hot Truckin'

I flew to California to help her pack up. As I flew back home, she drove here -- across the freakin' country. We retrieved her boxed up possessions from the AmTrak station they were freighted to on Friday in the dead of night after playing a show. It's official: Margaret is finally here. 

She and her two cats are residing in our spare bedroom. What hell is my bestie planning to raise in the long-term future, between Fulbright applications and her next fellowship? Wouldn't YOU like to know!


  1. Aw, I thought that was going to lead to a joke about her raising hell in general.

    Your neighbors should be afraid - two brilliant, funny, badass women in one household can only spell one thing; IDEAS. Also trouble.

    So I guess two things.

  2. You guys are sure to end up with some wild stories to tell. I'd bet you are a lot of fun to hang out with together!

  3. Please do us all a favor and make this movie for real!!! And I have to ask, does that cat's hat say "hug stain"????


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