dressed up like a lady: Hungry like the wolf

Sep 12, 2013

Hungry like the wolf

Godamn ironic wolf t-shirt dress: Ebay
Shoes: Steve Madden
Earrings: Nastygal
Other Jewelry: Thrifted, grandma's, etc.
Braided fringe belt: Old, I think from JCrew

It seems like only yesterday that the internet reappropriated earnest wildlife t-shirt prints into a blur of silliness and irony. But the thing is, when something sits in that corner of popular culture for long enough, our brains begin the habituation process, wherein repeated exposure ceases to illicit a response. Images in fashion that once made us chuckle because they were being purposed for their heretofore anti-fashion association become, you know, a normal part of fashion. 

Not that irony is ever anywhere near as easy to identify as anybody who's ever bitched about hipsters would have you believe. God willing, irony in art and expression is often only semi-tangible. The rhetoric of attractiveness is not often explicable, and as a great man once said, it's a fool looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart. To love something both because of and in spite of certain things about it is among life's many joys.

Good God, I really didn't plan to babble so long about this shit. My point is I really do like this wolf dress.

At first, I was concerned that Cammila's dress would disappear into the white warehouse door. It didn't, but as we shot I became more attracted to how it seemed to be emerging from the door as if out of a snowstorm. I love that aspect of photography, the focus, over and over again on a single image or idea that keeps revealing more of itself the longer you look. I didn't even realize there was a second wolf on Cammila's hip until she turned her profile to me half-way through the shoot. It was a strangely delightful thing to notice. -MC


  1. That is one hell of an explanation for a wolf-dress.

    I like it. I fall for some of the same things; I am an unapologetic cat-sweater lover (although I'm only allowed one.) The one I DO have I wear all the time in the winter; it's red with appliqued cats and balls of yarn with actual yarn woven into the design. Look, it's not a "cool" piece of clothing, but I LOVE it. I wear it nonstop. It's not to be ironic or because it's silly or anything like that.

    I just love me a cat sweater, and if I want to wear something I love I will and let the devil take the hindmost.

    That's all style hsould ever be, anyway, is wearing what you love and damn the Man.

  2. You are totally rocking that dress, darling... statuesque and gamine!
    Love the shoes, too!


  3. What a beautiful dress and as always a beautiful model! :) Love the photographer's note!!!!!!

  4. You crack me up with the irony rant! You are right tho, it's just a cool dress!

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  7. I love you you so eloquently explain your thoughts. I have had very similar inner conversations with myself when I bought a super awesome wolf tee last year (that I never got photos of, maybe this winter) but could never verbalize as succinctly as you did, bravo lady!

    The dress is amazing for many reasons, but i particularly love the long braided belt tied just so. It complements your waist and hips perfectly.



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