dressed up like a lady: My birthday Bo Derek dress

Sep 30, 2013

My birthday Bo Derek dress

Vintage Indian cotton dress: Birthday present from MC
70's wooden sandals: Vintage via Etsy
Tooled belt: Vintage via the Getup
Locket: Thrifted

A few months ago, MC and I were looking at vintage photos of Bo Derek when we discovered that she was frequently seen in the same dress -- a lovely long-sleeved cotton midi with a subtle but ornate pattern, drapey balloon sleeves, and a high, square yoke. We both noticed how beautiful but simple, breezy but sexy it was. Smash cut to my birthday, and MC has tracked down a gorgeous vintage 70's dress from India with an uncannily similar style. He made a few modest statements about how it was more a gift for him because he just thought I'd look so dang hot in it, he would get me another dress if I wanted something else, blah blah -- OH PLEASE. This dress is so beautiful and the shared moment behind it, squirreled away in MC's brain for the exact moment he could unleash it, is even more precious. 

Any gift I ever give Cammila, no matter how big or small, ends up being a gift for me in that Cammila's reciprocal love knows no bounds. That said, I think I nailed this one. I love that dress and I love the way Cammila looks in it even more. Exploiting the fact that I know Cammila will take joy in wearing something I myself find beautiful on her is a delicate privilege of our trust and attraction, something not to be taken lightly. But I have to be honest: the fact that we have such similar taste makes it pretty easy.  -MC


  1. I adore this dress. It is so similar to Bo's and yet totally unique! It definitely seems like a perfect gift.

  2. Ohhh, this dress is so inspiring!! Totally Bo!

    That said, my fave part of this post is your hubby's comments - gush. What a catch! You two are adorable.

  3. Love the dress!! Also is great for Fall with boots. Hope you had a great Birthday!!

  4. Ahh, this is such a beautiful dress! And perfect accessories too!

  5. Marvelous frock - that pattern...yum, it's so seventies, so eye-catching and beautiful! I flat out love that your husband buys you vintage garb - mine does the same sometimes, whether guided by my statements about wanting such and such an item or lead by his own excellent taste. It's always a serious joy to see what kinds of items the main men in our life fancy us in, isn't it?

    ♥ Jessica


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