dressed up like a lady: Out of town!

Sep 4, 2013

Out of town!

Hey, sorry for the sudden pause! I had to fly out to Northern California at the last minute to help the beloved badass Margaret get packed up for a move!

We were too busy TCBing to take any pictures (did you know you can FREIGHT your stuff across the country via AmTrak?!) So aside from a couple Instagram shots of us buying groceries, I didn't come up with much blog material. 

So here, enjoy this ridiculous wedding portrait I made of me, MC and Gbear last week in Adobe Illustrator! Remember like five years ago, when these Mad Men avatars were all the rage? No, why would you. Well anyway, I wasn't satisfied with my attribute choices then and I sure as shit wasn't satisfied with them now, so I took matters into my own hands. Again.

*sigh* I've never even watched Mad Men.


  1. I'm going to have to look into the Amtrak thing. I've worried about how we will ever move from Chicago when the time comes; moving companies are crazy expensive outside of short moves, and large trucks are not fun to drive in Chicago traffic (we had a friend who was a professional truck driver drive our rental truck here).

  2. For the record, I've watched Mad Men -- first three seasons. It's a brilliant show! I plan on catching up someday when I have some free time. I hear they are closing in on the '70s and I'm really curious to see how my vintage 3-piece suit (that Cammila lovingly and adeptly tweaked to look exactly my wedding suit!) matches up to what Don and rest of the cast are wearing.

  3. This is absolutely adorable! I remember these being such a big fad a few years ago.

  4. Such a fun portrait! Love the lunchbox.

    You would ADORE Mad Men. Watch it asap :)


  5. How sweet!
    Enjoy NorCal!

  6. When these were popular I held out because I didn't watch the show but eventually gave in simply because the meme no longer seemed tightly linked to it. Sounds like you felt similarly! I should have commissioned mine from you. It did not get my beard right at all.


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