dressed up like a lady: Over some. Okay, overall.

Sep 5, 2013

Over some. Okay, overall.

90's Calvin Klein overalls: Thrifted
Grey patent Heels: Adrienne Vittadini
Floral bustier crop top: ASOS Woman
Chunky bib necklace: Vintage via the Getup
Flannel: MC's
Rounded wayfarer sunglasses: Giant vintage

Didn't Claire Danes wear some overalls on My So Called Life? I kind of dug them then but I dig them a lot more now -- or at least dig the way Cammila specifically rocks these ones. Is there a female equivalent of a Texas Tuxedo? This is like a Texas cocktail dress. I've seen pics of Cammila wearing this same basic outfit in middle school: loose on the outside, tight on the inside. I love the way it perfectly highlights the curves of her form without her having to show much skin. Wearing that crop top with the overalls was a genius move. At least that's my take as, you know, a dude. Anyway, that's the reason I tried to shoot her in profile a lot here, to try and capture the essence of what you would see in motion as she walks around.   -MC 


  1. wow what a rocking outfit. i love the shoes with it and the necklace.

  2. Awesome. That is THE way to wear overalls. Also, MC: Texas Cocktail Dress is the perfect descriptor!

  3. I don't remember having an opinion about overalls when they were first popular, which is strange considering I now realize they were ubiquitous. Regardless, I must say I am with MC on this one, I like them much better now.

  4. *AHEM* cough,cough...MC- being from Texas, I've understood that double denim was a Canadian Tuxedo, never heard of a Texas Tuxedo. But after a quick google search I see that these terms are interchangeable and I stand corrected. You say toMAYto I say toMAHto. ;)



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