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Sep 10, 2013

The Collars Love: Surfdome

I recently got an offer to review a product from a cute online British surf shop called Surfdome. I'm sure that whatever stereotypes might exist about various cultures and their aptitudes toward surf fashion, these preconceived notions probably don't favor the English. But clearly, any such notions are bullshit, because this shop is totally excellent. Their stock is pretty huge, but also pretty cohesive, packed full of not just Volcom and Vans, but adorable boho stuff too. Hence, I chose this Pia Rossini floppy fedora (though they also have plenty other hats with a more surf/skate friendly vibe here). 

I definitely love it. It's beautifully well shaped and looks awesome no matter how haphazardly I throw it on my head.

It also looks like it belongs to Vampire Hunter D. I'm counting this as a good thing.

Pia Rossini hat: Surfdome
Leggings: BDG
Booties: Juicy Couture 
Old Whiplash Bash t-shirt: Vintage via the Getup
Non-functional belt: Thrifted

I love this boho hat, despite the fact that shooting hats, especially ones with wide brims like this, can be a challenge. I really had to watch the angle I was shooting from so as not to cast awkward shadows across the middle of Cammila's face. Of course, at the time I was not thinking about capturing a gothic-80's-anime look, a la Vampire Hunter D -- which totally begs for angular shadows! I was too distracted by all the gorgeous light refractions and orbs I was getting from the bright sun bouncing off all the particulates in the air. However, I have to think that Cammila's choice of dark aviator sunglasses was a brilliant nod to the shadow over D's eyes in the poster. -MC


  1. Very rock 'n roll badass. I like the look! And also the comparison to the best anime vampire ever.

  2. I love that hat-- perfect shape! Also, the outfit is killer! You look like Olivia Newton John's hotter, more alternative sister.
    -jenn, muchtomydelight.com

  3. I am liking the hippie meets rock and roll look! And the anime reference cracks me up.

  4. The first picture is fantastic! Adore the hat, I would quite happily wear it everyday! Love the style ref too...Vampire Hunter D...not familiar with the character but now I am intrigued.

  5. Love the hat and leggings! Lovely as always!

  6. several random thoughts here:

    1) next time you wear this shirt PLEASE mimic Ted's face for a photo, it wold be hilarious
    2) babe, babe, babe
    3) I need those pants and hat
    4) that belt is TOTALLY functional. the ensemble wouldn't be NEAR as perfect without that belt. Give the belt some credit! ;)



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