dressed up like a lady: What we've been up to...

Sep 18, 2013

What we've been up to...

I went out to California to help Margaret pack up for her move.

MC and I visited the Schilke Music trumpet factory in Illinois.

Gbear put together some amazing model sets. She also dressed up in my clothes while I made dinner but that's pretty normal...

Chi remained aggressively affectionate.

We worked on some awesome new originals with the band.

Margaret arrived in town and set up camp in our spare bedroom (before heading off to Peru for two weeks!)

Gbear found new and innovative ways to be exuberant and adorable (along with her cousin Maddie).

Despite it being a busy summer, Chi and MC both relaxed whenever possible...

I had to screen Insidious 2 for work in an empty theater! Also, unrelated: I was the victim of Gbear's drive-by stickering.

MC and I enjoyed a totally kickass fantasy-sploitation movie from 1985 called Barbarian Queen. We also made vegan banana pudding parfait.

I hit the Japanese dollar store HARD. I also attempted to wear every piece of jewelry MC has given me at once, but realized later that I'd forgotten two necklaces and two pairs of earrings.

I went to a Tigers game with Perry and the rest of my department. Also...again, unrelated: I went a little nuts with the cheap lipsticks at Target.

MC started teaching Gbear to ride without training wheels! Gbear also started harping about wanting an American Girl doll. At only six! Oi. She doesn't understand money enough to completely grasp what it means to ask for a $100 doll, especially one that doesn't map to any dolls she already consistently plays with. Which is to say, she plays with Barbie sized dolls all the time, so honoring her Christmas request for Jem dolls (which are Barbie sized) was a good playtime investment. But she doesn't spend any time with any of her roughly American Girl size/shaped dolls, so it's far more likely that she wants it just because she's been told by effing expert marketers to want it, and if she got one at this point, it would be an expensive shelf decoration. 

But far be it from me to miss a chance to get her legitimately interested in something awesome -- so we made a deal. We have to read all the books first, and she has to have a favorite character before she gets to ask for a doll. And she's gotten way into it! We've already had some pretty amazing conversations based on her learning about history (Meet Felicity forced me to explain slavery. Holy cow.), and it's pretty inspiring watching her beautiful brain bend around all these expansive new concepts, and get swept up in the momentum of long form, character driven stories. And it's already pretty clear that when she decides that one of these girls resonates with her in a big way, it's going to be a a lot more memorable of an experience for her to get that doll.

P.S. I do realize that apparently, Felicity and Molly have been "retired." But we're reading those books anyway. If she does end up truly loving one of those two, a retired doll ain't nothing -- I can track that shit down. Those Jem dolls were from like 1987.


  1. My sister asked for one of those dolls every day for about two years straight. I don't remember if she ever got it but I'll have to ask.

  2. What you are doing with Gbear and those AG books is so smart. You can't make her not want a doll but you can help her want to learn something! That will pay off with her later in life.

  3. I am so jels that you got to a Japanese dollar store. The one by B's work is so amazing but I never have a chance to go.

    And also, I would never be able to handle Insidious in an empty theater. That is all.


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