dressed up like a lady: Cassandra the Great

Oct 18, 2013

Cassandra the Great

Today is my mom in law, Cassandra's birthday! 

She gave me this copy of the New Yorker last year and said that the image on the cover reminded her of herself and I:

Does this give you an idea of the fun and sweet sense of humor my mother in law has? Because it should. Though I must tell you that any resemblance between us to the above illustration represents the difference in our statures alone. She's far from a gray old lady, but my mom-in-law is petite, I'll give her that!

She's also endlessly giving and supportive, effortlessly inspirational, smart as a freaking whip, and of course, very stylish -- as the historical record proves.

Before I ever met my mom in law, MC tried to sort of prepare me. She's assertive, he told me, and articulate and energetic and used to wrangling and organizing things (having been a teacher for 30 years). I think he was sort of trying to warn me that Cassandra isn't some wallflower who dotes over grandkids and then talks about the weather. She's a person full of facts and opinions about life and the world, who's interested in sharing them and hungry for more. But while MC's concern that I not be bowled over was sweet, I knew immediately that I would have zero problem with this woman. His description sounded like my own mom. It sounded like me. 

And sure enough, I clicked with Cass immediately, and felt that fantastic sense of rightness you get when you meet someone you were destined to meet. And while that loving spirit of hers does indeed lead her to dote over grandkids (not to mention love and support her own kids -- and kids in law), she also has an endless supply of conversation that never gets tiresome. Indeed, if I had a girls night with my mom, my mother in law, and my sis-in-law Alessandra, we'd all be totally hoarse the next day. Not to sound like I'm aggrandizing trivialities, but having people you love with whom the conversation flows so easily is such a rare gift -- indicative of such specialness in a relationship, at least to me. I feel blessed to have her in my life.

Happy Birthday, Mom C!


  1. Love your way with words! Also, now I am picturing you both in those New Yorker outfits, hah.

  2. such a sweet birthday present to your MIL! And that photo of GBear and MIL at the piano melted my heart into a big puddle of love.

    great amazing people gravitate towards other amazing people and you're life and support system proves that! Happy Birthday Cassandra!


  3. You have such a way with with words - again what another lovely post!

    Happy Birthday to your mother in law - and please buy matching outfits and pose like that ho ho ;P

    CC xx

  4. Aww, sweet family post. If you, your mom, and your ladies-in-law all got together to write a blog post, I'd be excited to read it!

    PS Love those big pants you're wearing in the left-side photo.

  5. Your personality profiles - of your mom-in-law, your dad, Maria Callas - are just exceptional. You have to love a mother-in-law you take to so quickly!


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