dressed up like a lady: Cat Eye Glasses?

Oct 14, 2013

Cat Eye Glasses?

I know these oversized sunglasses are almost comically insane. Scratch that, I know that they are actually comically insane. I just CAN'T STOP. Collecting and wearing crazy sunglasses, I mean. 

MC was shooting  some close-ups on me when he was inspired to imitate a particular image. He opened up his phone, scrolled through Tumblr for a second, and brought up this picture of a cat. "Here," he said, "They remind me of this. Try and look like this cat."

 Hannah Middle School Dance-a-thon t-shirt: MC's
Destroyed cut-offs: Who knows
Faux moto jacket: BB Dakota
Huge round sunglasses with a visor on top(?): Vintage via Giantvintage
Earrings: Gifts from MC
Rings: Grandma
Ankle booties: Juicy Couture

 I stand by this comparison. She totally looks like that cat. While taking theses pictures, it occurred to me that the t-shirt Cammila is wearing is 27 years old. I only vaguely remember the dance I got it at. However, photographing something this familiar, that's imbued with such long personal history but seen through my lens in a totally new way (in that it's been so lovingly re-appropriated) is pretty cool. Also, the slogan on the shirt is "...the sharing continues." It totally has. Is your mind blown???-MC


  1. Those sunglasses are A.MA.Z.ING. And you do look just like the cat in the comparison picture!! :)

  2. Those sunglasses are ridiculous and I love them.

  3. Awesome. They look like headlights for your face!

  4. Love these crazy sunnies!! This pic of you and the cat is uncanny.

  5. I'm quite convinced that you are one of those wildly lucky folks who can pull of pretty much any shape/style of sunglasses on earth (it's those to-die-for cheekbones of yours!). Far from looking OTT, these seem fresh, bold, fashion forward and at the same time subtly retro on you in one swift go.

    ♥ Jessica


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