dressed up like a lady: Croptober.

Oct 31, 2013


Crop top: ASOS Woman
High waisted tweed trousers: Thrifted
Sunnies: Thrifted
Skinny belt: Thrifted

Happy Halloween, guys! We've got a trick-or-treater to escort around the neighborhood tonight, so I'm trying to get a little work done before we go off to scare all the other kids. Have fun out there!

And when Cammila says "work," she means baking healthy, yummy cookies and brownies to trade for GBear's stickier Halloween candy. We'll let her have the more teeth-friendly ones, but she's already got about six fillings -- anything particularly sticky and cavity-inducing gets treated like a semi-automatic rifle at an Australian gun buyback. Gbear likes this approach very much -- we highly recommend it.  ;)-MC


  1. I have to admit that the "Australian gun buyback" reference made me crack up.

    Smart idea. That goes for the candy buyback as well as the ensemble.

  2. Ooooh, that would NOT have worked on me! I'm glad GBear is so game for it, haha. It kind of makes me want to bake MYSELF some healthy Halloween snack food, though. Hm...

  3. Oh! great! http://en.ofweek.com/solar-news

  4. You are the only one who can make those pants look good! On anyone else, they would not be flattering.

  5. Brilliant outfit dear! I don't think I know many girls that would look that awesome in these high waist trousers!


  6. Haha I agree these pants might not work on many figures, but you do look totally amazing. ;-)

  7. Love how you can rock such different looks each day!


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