dressed up like a lady: Keep it short

Oct 24, 2013

Keep it short

Destroyed denim shorts: random Ebay find
Cream silk blouse: Thrifted
Over the knee boots: Juicy Couture
Sunglasses: Vintage via Giant Vintage
Bracelet: Vintage via the Getup 

I keep staying just one step ahead of the weather -- it dropped from 55 to 45 the night after we took these. Of course, at some point we just start limiting our outdoor shoots to like 2 minutes and keeping my parka on hand. The light is totally worth it! But we've got some better reflective pads this year, so maybe we'll get some cool indoor shots this winter too.

It was extraordinarily windy while we took these. I know that in some settings, photographers pay good money for wind machines, but at least some of that money has to go toward the ability to control the direction -- paying for the privilege, as it were. As Cammila alludes to, we have some new and better reflective pads we've been meaning to try, for days when the weather isn't cooperative and the lighting in our house is less than stellar. These challenges are actually a lot of fun, like solving puzzles where the prize is a gorgeous picture of your wife. -MC


  1. I am a big fan of your unexpected combos like this! Classy blouse + rad shorts = HOT!!!

  2. Shorts with boots is super daring in my mind! I am probably a goody two shoes but you seem like a total vixen here to me!

  3. I said something about your high heels and A pointed out that these boots do not have high heels, only a slight one. I had never noticed the difference before. Consider me further educated in fashion matters.

  4. If Johnny Depp were a lady he would be as jealous as this ensemble as I am. H-O-T!



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