dressed up like a lady: Oh Cyndi

Oct 2, 2013

Oh Cyndi

Skirt: Thrifted
Cyndi Lauper t-shirt: Vintage via Ebay
Belt: ASOS Woman
Boots: Park Lane via Asos
Big, winter socks (which don't actually match): MC's
Insane round/oversized/clubmaster/aviator sunglasses: Vintage via Giant Vintage

True story: when I first met MC, he claimed to not like Cyndi Lauper. He appreciated her for her kickass voice and overall contributions to pop music and everything, but he said that her whole kooky, iconoclastic, weird girl style was just sort of...not what he was attracted to.

Cut to a few years later. Something inspires me to pull up a cover Cyndi once recorded of a Prince song, and I mention to MC that this cover is so great, he'll like it despite his general distaste for Cyndi Lauper. And he proceeds to seem genuinely incredulous that he EVER said this. "What? That's crazy! I love Cyndi Lauper!"

BULLSHIT I call. You said you don't like Cyndi Lauper! Remember? The crazy clothes? The silly antics? You just don't dig it? MC cops to having once said all this, but then he sidles up next to me, puts his hands on my hips and says "Well, yeah, I guess. But she grew on me. Just look at her! How can I see a kooky girl now and not be reminded of everything I love?"

This is a pretty awesome story for me, since it basically involves my husband growing to love an artist I love just because she reminds him of me. But in a way more important way, I think this story highlights what a fucking amazing person MC is. He's so fluidly open to changing his mind, and in a deep, deep way, he is always up for liking something rather than disliking it, saying yes, rather than saying no. He is the most keen to evolve of anybody I've ever met.

Yeah, I admit that I did say I didn't like Cyndi Lauper. I didn't totally get her for a long time. Now, I look at the way she expresses herself visually, with all the crazy jewelry, half shaved orange hair and charity shop dresses -- not to mention the way she expresses herself viscerally, with the full-on physical catharsis of her performance -- and what I see now that I guess I must not have seen then, is that these things all coalesce into a completely unique, unrepeatably special presence. You can see it and hear it in that clip; it's not just the kooky clothes, or the giant voice, or the fact that she's so unusual. It's the fact that she's one of a kind. And yes, I suppose that rainbow colored, often-effusive women are just closer to my heart now. By which I mean that if you've read this far and can't tell if I'm talking about Cyndi or Cammila, that's okay, I can't either. ;)
As a total aside: this outtake from the "We Are the World" recording session is some of the most entertaining footage of Cyndi ever recorded.  -MC


  1. This outfit is really cute. I am jealous that you thrifted that skirt! MC should be proud for changing his mind for the better. Getting stuck hating on stuff only gets more common with people as we get older and it is such a sad way to look at things.

  2. Amazing look, darling!
    Especially loving those boots!


  3. I absolutely love the sentiment and the story behind this post. She bop, he bop, a we bop.

  4. Cyndi Lauper is such a badass and so are those sunglasses! Swoon. P.s. he's a keeper!

    xo Ashley

  5. That is a great tee and an even better story!


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