dressed up like a lady: RRRRIP!

Oct 28, 2013


Faux thigh high tights: Jonathan Aston 
Moto ankle boots: Kelly & Katie
Houndstooth cardi: Very old UO
Faded Morrissey t-shirt: MC's
Bag: Coach, thrifted

I destroyed these tights not long after taking these pictures. Caught them on something or other and it practically looked like the whole leg was shredded. I eventually do this to basically all forms of stockings that aren't fortified with cotton or wool or bamboo, so it was just a question of when. Am I the only one with this problem? I think I'm just too much of a roughhouser to keep delicate tights intact. My nails are always dirty, my hands are always dotted with little cuts and scrapes and maybe the occasional kitchen related burn. I'm always sewing or cutting or cooking or squatting on the floor or kneeling on the ground or superglueing or safety pinning or chasing an animal or small human. This probably makes me a bad candidate for tights ownership.

Or it's possible that they just make tights really shitty these days.

I'm glad my wardrobe doesn't have anything in it that can "run." But for what it's worth, those tights looked pretty cool after Cammila ripped them.  She rips everything; her shorts, her tights, my old t-shirts. When I first saw that she'd cut the neck out of one of my old t-shirts, I was a bit horrified. Then I saw how good she looked in it. I decided then that she could tear apart anything of mine she wanted...except my heart. Just kidding. But not really. ;)-MC


  1. tights rip. this is their only reason to be on earth ... rip rip rip. i just bought a few tights with a faux seam on sale after the test pair seemed to be perfect and un-rip-able ... when i came home the so-called test pair was just a big run.

  2. I'm lucky if I can get a pair of tights on without ripping them. The only pair of tights I've managed to wear more than once are thick winter tights.

  3. Oh yes, I rip all of my tights! I have put on many that have ripped when I have barely touched them. It is a conspiracy, I am convinced.

  4. I stopped wearing tights for a while because I got runs in them sometiems on the FIRST DAY. Those look very cute and very delicate so I am not surprised they ran! ;)

  5. I read nothing and saw nothing except for those tights in this post.... Just can't take eyes off their swesomeness.. So sad there is no online link.. I am going off to find if they are available on the net... or else.. I will just be :(

    1. Oh no! Well let me see how well I can remedy this situation! :D

      These are Jonathan Aston tights, and I got these from lingerieplease, but they don't seem to have any of that brand's mock over-the-knee/suspender tights in at the moment. However, Asos does have quite a few varieties! None are exactly the same, but many are quite cute!


      Good luck! Do let me know if you track down any similar ones that you like! :)

  6. I am in agreement with MC. I am glad nothing I wear can become destroyed with a small tear but I have no problem with beautiful women wearing such things.


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