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Oct 29, 2013

The Collars Love: Woodzee

You might have noticed that MC and I love sunglasses. So imagine our delight when we were approached by our newest sponsor, Woodzee. This incredible company specializes in extremely stylish, wooden sunglasses frames. This pair was crafted using the wood from used skateboard decks!  Sounds pretty ecologically conscious, right? Woodzee will even give you a 40% discount if you turn in your old pair to them for recycling. Oh, and for every beautifully crafted Woodzee you purchase, they plant a tree. How effing sustainable is that?

It doesn't hurt that these shades are gorgeous. They're somehow both totally classic and totally punk rock at the same time. They're also completely unisex (as you can see), and extremely light. I was shocked by how weightless they feel. They're lighter than some of our plastic framed wayfarers.

In short: the Collars really do LOVE Woodzee. I love when my job is easy. :)


  1. cool glasses on both of you!


  2. Wow, I am surprised that they are light! I would imagine they would be quite heavy. But they most definitely look very cool.

  3. These are awesome! OMG such Cali style I LOVE them!!

  4. Who would have thought of that... !! I love coming across these ideas that are so rare... Woodzee really surprised me...! Both of you are rocking your pairs and I love the fact that your sponsors are always so in-tune with your personality and style. Let me go check them out.. and see if they deliver in my country ;)

    Wow... this post totally made me smile! A belated happy Birthday to you! God bless all of you together... you guys are actually the sweetest and most loving family I know virtually :)

    And I have read the first post ever written by completely by you MC... and I have to tell you it sets you thinking... beautiful thoughts in beautiful words...

    And about that book.. wow Cammila... gosh that's something!! Hats off to you... whenever I get married in future... I will remember that out of love you must do these wonderful things for your family.. :) I am taking notes ;)

    Really pretty! Very interesting technique and the way you have played with it... plus the color on the first one looks beautiful! But now that I think about it.. for karwa chauth... don't ladies make diyas out of dough from a similar technique..? Not sure though.

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

  5. uh-oh.... I was pasting the wrong text at the end of my comments... :/ I thought i was pasting my signature... but voila... a totally mixed up the last paragraph... *embarrassment* Please ignore that mix up in all the comments I just did here :/

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

  6. Amazing shades!
    You both look totally badass!


  7. I have been ogling these sunglasses for a while, however, I rarely wear non-prescription sunglasses, so I can't justify the price. On the upside, I just got a new pair of awesome prescription sunglasses, although, granted not as awesome as these!

  8. I was quite surprised to read that these glasses are light. I might imagine bamboo glasses being light, but not necessarily hardwoods. Perchance these should go onto my wish list.

  9. sweet sponsor situation. y'all look too fierce for words in those Woodzee shades.



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