dressed up like a lady: Vagrancy

Oct 21, 2013


Dress: Free People 
Cowboy boots: 70's vintage, Zodiac 
Big coat sweater: Banana Republic, thrifted
Sunglasses: vintage via Giant Vintage

Hey guys, wow was your weekend? MC and I got allergy tested on Friday (We're allergic to dust, how exciting), then we had a show to play that night and I felt slightly high from the superdrugs the allergist gave me. We spent the rest of the weekend encasing our mattress in dust-proof liners and playing with Gretje. 

Sunday was Lasagna Night, which is where we make lasagna and watch Garfield. 

Anyway, I wore this outfit last week, the day before the Indian Summer officially ended and it got super cold.

Oh, and here's MC in some of those sunglasses we ordered! He looks so damn good. I love MC's winter beard. :)

These photos were taken in a Whole Foods parking lot, where we stopped for emergency rations, anticipating a long night at work. The autumn light turned out to be amazing! Given the chance to shoot these again, I might like to try them with a polarizing filter, but all those light orbs and sunbeams are pretty great just the way they are. P.S. The allergist confirmed that Cammila is also allergic to cats and dogs! Her histamine response has been maxed out for so long that she apparently no longer notices a specific uptick in symptoms when she's rolling around the yard with my sister's dog or letting our cat lay on her head. So she's going in for shots, because there's no way I'm gonna get her to stop doing those things.  -MC


  1. OMG allergies suck!! Glad that you're getting on them though cuz they are WAY worse if you just ignore them! I am jealous you had weather for this outfit recently. You look cute!

  2. Girls who wear big sweaters with little dresses have a special place in my heart.

  3. love your outftit especialy your coat sweater and the boots
    hope you are feeling much better with your allergic issues!


  4. That sweater is one of my favorites! I love how you are wearing it with a breezy sundress!


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