dressed up like a lady: In the shade

Nov 13, 2013

In the shade

Circular sunglasses: Vintage via Giant Vintage
Shearling coat: Vintage, gift from my in-laws
Black dance leotard: Sansha
 Wide leg jeans: PRPS
Lve Earrings: Hippie Chick Finds

Yeah so...more sunglasses. I've never posted these, so what the hell. Cool right? And these earrings are quickly becoming favorites, especially considering they were only $1.50.

The rest of the outfit -- like, this exact outfit -- has already appeared on the blog, so we weren't going to bother photographing it. But then the sun came out and said eff it, let's just do it anyway. 

P.S. Let's give it up for my hot husband, who was genuinely putting glasses on his face when I caught him looking like a total male model. :)

I have no comment on my supposed model-esque behavior. But I did have fun shooting Cammila in this outfit. She wears it all the time and I'm willing to bet it's one of her favorites, I know it's one of mine. It's simple in some ways, but it's still insanely hot and not a look you see very much at the moment. She had to hunt everywhere to find those wide leg jeans. If this outfit becomes a trend, you'll know who the credit goes to. -MC


  1. Well aren't you both just gorgeous! Love it.

    The wide jeans and tight top feel 70's ish to me - fabulous.

  2. Wow, those jeans are LONG. I am assuming you are fairly tall, and when you are tall, it is usually had to find jeans that long. I love how your feet disappear in them!

  3. Wide leg jeans are THE BEST TYPE EVER. I've gotten them in men's before, but then they don't fit well around the waist. Please do bring them back in style! :)

  4. I would love for this trend to take hold. It is quite flattering. Girls I remember wore "bodysuits" in jr/high school. I would tease my sis about what I thought it must be like having to pee in one of these, and she told me that it snapped at the bottom. I was secretly amazed at the ingenuity of the female wardrobe.

  5. I wish they still made more wide leg jeans! If this trend catches on, I will participate. :)


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