dressed up like a lady: La Boheme

Nov 26, 2013

La Boheme

70's style wrap maxi dress: Asos
Lace up boots: Vintage via The Getup
Hat: Surfdome
Hoops: Target

I should tell you guys, the ridiculousness of MC and I opting to take these photos in the gray, rainy parking lot was not lost on us, though I swear it was because they'll turn out better than anything we might have taken indoors. But I gotta say, the two of us diving in for a hard five minutes, trying to channel whatever vibe we're thinking of (which is hopefully but not always the same) even with the wind and puddles and everything -- it's always such a blast! 

Taking a couple minutes out of the day to collaborate is a powerfully fun thing to do. Which is taking for granted the importance of putting a few minutes from the day into something creative! If we didn't already have the blog and the band, I think maybe we'd try the 365 Photo Project together, or something similar. We both had piles more work and then band practice after this, but I know my shoulders felt a little less heavy -- indulging in a little creative chemistry really lightens the load.   

Leaving the aperture fairly closed, trying out a homemade pink filter, doing it all on a dark day, and while Cammila was wearing a black dress: okay, maybe I was pushing it. But I must admit that I love the vintage effect! Though I apologize if that means the dress itself is less clear than it should be. It faintly reminds me of the one Helen Mirren is wearing in this portrait from the 70's. Oh, and did I mention how much I love photographing my wife? Because I do. Damn, I really do. Thanks for indulging me. ;) -MC


  1. That dress! you look absolutely gorgeous in it! WOW! and the second photo, STUNNING!

    Dress To Cook

  2. Another great cold weather maxi dress! The boho look is so my fave on you. Brava!!

  3. Amazing look and poses!
    Love this dress on you - gorgeous!


  4. That Maxi-dress is super gorgeous.
    Love it!


  5. wow you look amazing!
    love this dress!



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