dressed up like a lady: Let's see that haircut close up!

Nov 18, 2013

Let's see that haircut close up!

These pics offer a closer view of this new haircut I'm so jazzed about -- but the trade off is it was dirty, and there were "storm of the century" winds blowing, so it's kinda tangled and messy. REALISM!

How's this for realistic: awkwardly filling Instagram's 15 second requirement for video with me flipping my hair in the mirror to Billy Squier's 'My Kinda Lover.' This is as real as it gets, people.
At least in the vid, my hair was actually clean. I REGRET NOTHING!!! 

It's true, Cammila's hair was full of product and ravaged by winds here -- and it still looked awesome. That's a good haircut. Of course, I think Cammila would look good bald and in a burlap sack, like Sigorney Weaver in Alien 3. Perhaps I'm biased. But I still think I have enough objective enough taste to say this haircut is perfect. As you know, I'm a big fan of the '70s short styles, like Joanna Lumley on The New Avengers or Dana De Nerciat, or of course, Jane Hargrave. It's the look that launched a thousand soft-rock yachts. Very classy, never fussy, always sexy. That's my Cammila. -MC


  1. it is much longer than in the summer (which is good since winter is coming). I sound like someone's grandma, I know:)
    I like the haircut, it suits your face

  2. I love this look totally <3 ^^ I'm trying to grow my hair. Long way ahead of me, but I believe this time I will make it ;)

  3. Love this. It reminds me a bit of my favorite haircut I've ever received; I have been unable to find anyone who could replicate it, maybe I should try again.

  4. I totally agree the photographer's note. MC is absolutely right. Cammila is able to suit every style even the shorter hairstyles. You're both my favorites

  5. I totally love it. This cut suits you so perfectly.

  6. Having seen many images of you in this snazzy number, my layman's opinion is it is certainly a classic.


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