dressed up like a lady: New haircut!

Nov 15, 2013

New haircut!

Got my first haircut in ages and I freaking LOVE it. It's an awesome combination of Jane Hargrave, 90's Drew Barrymore, Louise Brooks, and Dorothy Hamill. 

Yes, these equal the perfect cheekbone-length cut. No, this is not up for debate.

I've got that sweet bounce in my strut that you get when you just got a kickass haircut and you're feeling like a rock star. Which is a feeling that will no doubt make our show at Mash this Saturday extra awesome (come by if you feel like dancing). My stylist is such a damn genius -- if you live within range, go see Vanessa at Contempo Salon in Ann Arbor. The woman's got a gift and she's one of my favorite people on earth.

Tapestry print dress: Asos
Fuchsia platform mary janes: Asos
Tights: Sockdreams
Jewelry: Gifts from MC, mom
Rings: Grandma's

Anyway, we had a lot of fun playing with chair poses for this shoot, mostly because MC had recently found this random 70's fashion shot and we both became preoccupied in copying the vibe. This was kind of a fun challenge, because you'll notice this girl's armchair had freakishly tall legs! So I cheated and sat on some pillows.

P.S. Gbear was an amazing party to this shoot -- giving me LOTS of feedback on my poses and of course, starring in many pictures herself. But I have to say, this dark and blurry shot is my favorite:

I love Cammila's hair at this length. Something about it hitting her at her epic cheekbones frames her face differently than when it's shorter, and it brings out her dark eyes. I can't quite put my finger on it, but her face seems even sweeter and even more doll like. Great for photographing (and for kissing). Speaking of dolls -- how about that awesome '70s "broken doll" model shot we used as inspiration? Its always a fun challenge to try and recreate a photograph. You always have to figure out some tricky aspect and you end up learning something new. Cammila pretty much nailed the pose by sitting on some pillows to mimic the original shot's oddly tall armchair. Lighting was a more difficult challenge, and our stand lighting was a little too direct, but it was still a fun process, as always, and I think that by the time the two of us finished post production, we ended up with something pretty cool. -MC


  1. OMG I LOOOOVE it! You need to post some close up haircut shots so we can see the details!

  2. Amazing look and pics, darling!
    Love the new 'do!


  3. Very nice! Your hair actually looks longer. Also, never realized how much you look like Molly Ringwald (atleast in these pics) & she's awesome btw!

  4. amazing haircut and inspiration!

  5. Beautiful!
    I love the indoor photos, you look perfect, and your new hair cut is stunning!
    Keep on with your lovely posts :)

    Dress To Cook


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