dressed up like a lady: So blue

Nov 5, 2013

So blue

Tee: Very old TJ Maxx find
Full skirt: 70's vintage via ArtelleGallery
Chunky necklace: Vintage via The Getup
Sunglasses: Woodzee
Electric blue maryjanes: Random Ebay find

I'm not blue at all, the title of this post is just a dumb pun because these shoes are blue as fcuk. I'm pretty sleepy though -- I usually finish these posts right before bed, and set them to publish in the morning. So, much like I say to the crowd when we're in between songs, "I could stand here and entertain you with my cursing for the next several seconds, but you'd probably rather we just get on with it, right?" They always love it. But then, they are very drunk.

It's true, drunken revelers do delight in Cammila's on stage banter and copious swearing. But keep in mind that she's as easy on they eyes as she is on the ears, and has always earned the crowd's goodwill. Oh, and for the record, Cammila doesn't really curse like a sailor, the way she implies. Er, maybe she does, when she thinks present company won't be offended. But her cursing really isn't a vulgar stream of expletives. It's more of a fine-tuned selection of rapidly but specifically chosen f-bombs used for particular cadence and emphasis. She is a fucking writer after all.  -MC


  1. It's all about spicing up the sentences.

    Those shoes are VERY blue. They are also VERY fabulous. So I think it's worth titling the post after 'em.

  2. Those who cannot blame old age for their distaste for arbitrarily chosen (and fun to say!) four-letter-words have no excuse.

  3. I dig it! We like your spiciness :)


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