dressed up like a lady: The cold shoulder

Nov 20, 2013

The cold shoulder

Open neck sweater: 12 year old Jcrew 
Skinnies: Express via TJMaxx
Wooly socks: MC's
Cap toe mariachi looking ankle boots: Park Lane via Shop ASOS Shoes
Rings: Grandma
Leather clutch: Vintage via Etsy

I've posted this before, but I've had this sweater for like 12 years now. Amazing how it's held up -- both physically and aesthetically.

The author models said sweater on a trip to Auckland, New Zealand in 2001.

Funny that Cammila is being pummeled by wind in both instances of wearing this sweater. It's stylish, but totally practical. Lived in, weathered, but still sexy. It smells of perfume and wool and her. I love it. -MC
P.S. Cammila thought I was going to write about shooting under windy conditions. Ha!


  1. That is a classic sweater. The color is very beautiful and it must be very well made.

  2. JCrew makes some awesome clothes. Your pics really look good.


  3. Tes boots sont trop canon ♥

  4. Having seen various images of you in this snazzy number over the years, I must say that my layman's opinion is this is certainly a classic.

  5. There's something tre's chic about a chunky sweater that exposes your shoulders! You look divine.


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