dressed up like a lady: Time for new glasses

Nov 21, 2013

Time for new glasses

It's time for me to get new glasses.

Ordinarily I would just get my new Rx fitted into my old frames and call it a day. But MC and I have a medical benefit for 2013 that, luckily, we haven't needed much this year.  We still have to spend the money in it on "qualified health expenses" (like eyeglasses) by January though, or it disappears -- it doesn't roll over.

This gives me the chance to pick up a few new frames. But there are a LOT of options...

I was totally overwhelmed. I looked at all of these and more. And that doesn't even cover all the vintage glasses I looked at (and neither does this picture, I just grabbed a couple examples for you guys).

In the end, I got two new pairs and one vintage pair, and I'm still updating my old Oliver Peoples with my new Rx. MC and I won't have this medical benefit next year, so hopefully these will keep me going for a long time to come. I can't wait to show you guys!


  1. Well dang, you look amazing in all of the pairs, but how exciting to get two new pairs and one vintage pair! :)

  2. Holding my tongue on which frames you ordered. My taste is so much lesser, I would only embarrass myself. ;p

  3. I do not know how you would pick! These are all fantastic. I love the crazy colored vintage ones.

  4. The Armanis look smashing on you.

  5. I would pick the YSLs but I know whatever you picked will look amazing. I need new glasses too.

  6. The above collection of designer eyewear is really beautiful and look amazing on you. Round frame sunglasses are always my favorite pair this is only reason to do comment on your blog and saying you that round frame sunglasses are have good features to catch people eyes.


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