dressed up like a lady: Trick or Treat!

Nov 4, 2013

Trick or Treat!

This picture is so fabulous, I think we need to zoom in on this ecstatic little girl...

My casual Superman/Supergirl outfit is just one blue Capezio dance leotard, some dark skinny jeans, a child's cape left over from Gbear's superhero birthday party, and a pair of red boots. I printed the Superman logo on photo paper and safety pinned it to my leotard.

Gbear told me she wanted to be a black cat for Halloween. I asked her how she wanted it to look and she wasn't really sure, so I drew her this and asked what she thought:

She went totally nuts for it! So I spent 30 minutes on the internet. I tracked down some furry arm and leg warmers, the awesomest cat ears ever, a tail (which I had to make a belt for out of a tote bag handle and some velcro, but that's okay), and some fleece lined black leggings and top -- the ladder of which ended up being more of a dress, but I think she liked that even more. Each piece arrived separately, and Gbear got more excited with each package in the mail. The last one got to our house the very day of Halloween! Perfect timing -- like a Halloween advent calendar.

Gbear's instruction: "A plain one, to show our outfits!"
Doing some kind of clapping, snapping dance.

So anyway, we headed over to my sis-in-law's house, where Gbear would be trick or treating with my wonderful sparkplug of a niece Maddie, who was dressed up as a rad little doctor.

Trick-or-treating was unseasonably warm but VERY RAINY!

I'm supposed to be motioning to the girls tearing down the sidewalk, but they'd already run out of the frame!

Monkey love...

Needless to say, we were happily soaked. So here's a parting shot that Monkey Daddy sneaked of me drying out afterward.

It was a pretty fantastic evening, rain included. :)


  1. LOVE! And she is the best cat eva! Our Halloween was also unseasonably warm and rainy, but luckily we got many houses in before the rain started to fall. Looks like a great night!

  2. This makes me miss being a kid! I loved dressing up. I still do sometimes but I hate that now it usually results in stares.

    By the way, I don't know if you realized but Gbear's school name is in the third photo. Thought I'd mention it in case you hadn't noticed.

  3. Gbear looks like a cute little anime cat girl! I love seeing how joyful your life together is.

  4. Love it. She is the BEST little kid.

    Halloween is definitely something I miss; the neighborhood we live in now doesn't even do trick or treat - there are three, count 'em, THREE churches nearby that do "trunk or treat" or "Harvest Festival" so everyone just goes to that. It's terribly depressing, because where's the freedom and the tearing around and having fun in that?

  5. ummm, my ovaries just exploded. thanks.

    seriously though, HOW MUCH FUCKING FUN ARE THE HOLIDAYS WITH A KID? I love them enough as is, especially Halloween, so I can't even imagine what it would be like with a real kid. particularly the dressing up part.

    a few days before visiting singa I asked my friend who lives there if she needed any "american" things for her or her fam. her only request was some allergy meds and some new clothes for her amazingly awesome 12 year old. I think I spent an hour wandering around target picking the perfectly cool/tomboy/sparkly mix of things for her girl.

    so, i'm off to freeze my eggs. ttyl!



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