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Dec 9, 2013

Fashion Advice!

Photo credit: Skeletor is Love

Once in a great while, somebody who knows me personally (as in, NOT some random, objective blog reader) is like "Hey, why don't you give fashion advice on your blog? You say things sometimes like 'Gold goes with everything!' and 'Aviators look good on everybody!' You could post that stuff!"

How wonderfully supportive and patently insane of my sweet friends! Obviously, when I say shit like that out loud, it's my own deranged opinion, which I don't expect anybody to share. I like my shit weird! But perhaps more importantly, I give ZERO fucks about other people's clothes. I care about you dressing to make yourself happy, if anything. I have my own opinions like anybody, but enforcing arbitrary ideas about what's flattering or unflattering doesn't interest me, and neither does frowning*. I'm not gonna frown about what you're wearing, and I'm sure as shit not gonna try to tell you how you could improve it. Unless you specifically ask me. In which case you're taking your life in your hands, and I have to assume you're specifically looking to incorporate more aviators and old concert tees into your look. 

Not that I object to the whole idea of giving or getting fashion advice. Some people are obviously good at it! Alison from Wardrobe Oxygen is clearly great at innately understanding what makes a look classic, and what it means to have taste, and she has an incredible ability to translate these ideas into solid and universal advice (she also has one of the biggest fashion blogs out there, so it's not like I'm telling you what you don't already know). I'm really impressed by that skill. P.S. Alison actually saw fit to feature me in her True Fashionista series recently. I'm just mentioning that again out of shameless glee. What's the opposite of a backdoor brag? I guess, a frontdoor brag. Anyway.

Yeah, obviously being "tasteful" is, how do you say, not my bag. When it comes to inspiration, I'd rather be not-bored by something's craziness than pleasantly contented by its tastefulness. But then, I am very hyperactive. 

If you've got any thoughts on the whole idea of style advice, Do's & Don't's, or any of that frick-a-frack, let me know. I'm curious.

 *Unless I'm posing for blog photos. Duh.


  1. Aww you make me blush, my dear Cammila! I do feel like an ass sometimes offering fashion advice, I mean what gives me the right to tell people what to wear, how is my opinion better than others? But over the years (and years and years) of blogging, I feel as though I know my audience, so I write to just them, not to Google bots or big websites or fame and I think that makes me a bit more readable... it's like what I would tell my friend over coffee or cocktails.

    I personally find your style inspirational; what if you did something like I love aviators because I think they're universally flattering. See how they look on this 50 year old woman with a heartshaped face, this 20 year old with a round face, this woman with a pixie, and this woman with long layers. Cuz I agree, gold goes with everything and aviators are universally flattering, and your little nuggets could be a nice touch to your outfit posts.

    You rock. Love, Alison

  2. Hahah, this had me chuckling quite a bit :).

    I was contemplating the other day how most of my favorite fashion blogs are people who 1) Have a style quite different than mine, and 2) Don't have a "traditional" fashion sense. That said, I think some people try so hard to be "different" that they aren't different at all. For example, I once had someone on a web-site, who dressed in pretty literal punk clothing, critique my clothing style; basically he implied that I was a "sheep" because I wore basic/boring clothes; meanwhile, the guy dressed just like every other "punk" on the web-site like it was some kind of uniform. Dressing a certain way just to be different isn't any better than dressing just to fit it; people should wear what they like, whether it helps them fit in, or it doesn't. That's what I love about your style; you wear whatever you want, whether it happens to be traditionally in style, or not, and you always own it.

  3. P.S. I am proof that aviators are not universally flattering :). They make round faces look rounder.

  4. gaaaah! great post. the picture of skeletor giving sheera (?) fashion advice made my day.

    i'm not a friend of reading fashion advices in blogs ... but if i would find minnie mouse, stargazer from my little pony or superwoman on your blog giving advice - just like skeletor did - i would love it. :)

  5. I will shout (okay, I'm not much one for shouting, so I'll just say it at a reasonable decibel) from the hilltops for as long as I live, "To each their own when it comes to fashion!". I admittedly believe in dressing however you darn well please, especially if it brings you bliss (which wearing mid-century vintage and items that look the part does for me), and it proudly rocking your look no matter what any naysayers may have the gall to remark about it. Fashion is a personal and unique a statement as the marks that our fingerprints leave, and just like said fingerprints, we each deserve to have a (fashion) set all our own. Perhaps nothing has ever been quite as overrated as conformity.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Ah! I came across your blog and let out a little squee when I saw Skeletor and Catra here (that image is so perfect for that sentiment, isn't it?) I am the one who does Skeletor is Love and that image above was in response to an 'article' (if you can call it that) that I read over on Huffington Post about what guys think about women wearing certain trends. I mean - who gives a crap about what some random dude thinks about floppy black hats? FUCK THEM BECAUSE FLOPPY BLACK HATS ARE THE BEST. It made me so freaking angry that I knew Skeletor had to address it! Thus, 'not my wardrobe, not my business' was born :)

    1. I'm downright HONORED that you found and commented here! Thank you for not minding my co-opting your awesome image macro. Honestly, I usually use a smaller font size for photo credits, but I left this one larger out of the simple hope that more people would click through! I LOVE Skeletor is Love. The tone is always so spot on! The perfect, inherent ridiculousness of the premise, the embarrassingly earnest yet 100% legitimate affirmations used as the captions -- it's total alchemy. Please do keep it up! :)


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