dressed up like a lady: Surviving Staying with Your Parents for the Holidays

Dec 20, 2013

Surviving Staying with Your Parents for the Holidays

Staying with Your Parents for the Holidays

Velvet dress/Black tights/ Karen Millen Heels / Citrus Kale Salad Recipe/ The Awkward Human Survival Guide / Lace-up boots / Vintage oversized cardi / Koral skinny jeans / PACT socks / Asus Laptop / Panasonic Headphones / DVD from Pucker Up/Monsters University DVD/ Oz the Great and Powerful DVD/ The Presidents History Channel DVD/  Zingerman's coffee

Okay, we've finally got some downtime coming to process outfit shots. 

In the meantime, I made you a silly Polyvore collage, just in case you'll be staying with mom and/or dad for the upcoming holidays. It has everything you need to survive 2-5 solid days of sleeping in your old room, conversing awkwardly with extended family, and killing lots of time.

1. A Fancy Outfit: For when grandma, your uncle Ed, and all your cousins come for dinner.
2. Healthy Food: Chances are strong that, if you're into this kind of thing, you'll have to bring it yourself.
3. Good Advice: It can be hard sustaining conversations with people you talk to twice a year.
4. Any Psychopharmaceuticals You Might be Taking: Now is not the time for a med break.
5. A Comfy Outfit: For when extended family goes home and you're lounging around your parents' house. A good time to wear the socks you just got for Christmas.
6. Feminist Pornography: Just kidding. I think. You'll at least want a good book or an iPad though, if your mom goes to bed at 9:30 like mine.
7. Movies You Can Watch with Your Parents: Assess your own level of comfort with R rated content and proceed accordingly.
8. Good Coffee: I don't know about yours, but my mom drinks instant.   


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